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Reviews in Spain

Nadia O'Connell

Perfect! Great service and value. The best experience company in my experience

(5 / 5) 11/01/2024 13:13

Amir Arefyan

Picked the keys up so easily from the locker without having to see anyone, brand new car, smelling new, spotless inside and outside. Dropped the car on return, someone came to us quickly took the keys, checked the fuel tank, and that was it, car was booked out and fuel deposit was refunded automatically. Best car rental experience. Went for the premium cover and uploaded my documents to use the fastkey service on arrival.

(5 / 5) 07/03/2024 07:48

Konrad Kruzon

Centauro is the best car rental company I have ever had contact with. Our car was almost brand new with no more than 600 km car mileage. The whole rental procedure was very fast and simple. I am recommending this company to everyone who is looking for a reliable, clean and safe car and honest car rental company. Thank you Centauro.

(5 / 5) 05/05/2024 08:29

Viddi Skjoldal

Very good car rental, everything was 100 prósent, staff very friendly, good cars and great and beautiful town 😀👍

(5 / 5) 02/05/2024 16:50

Yuri Kuschinsky

The experience was smooth, without any complications. Chose a Mazda 6 but got a Cupra Formentor. Great surprise! The car was clean, with only 25,000 km used, and had new cruise control. Felt new. The manager was friendly and spoke good English. Also had a good experience with this company traveling around Italy in 2023, too. Recommend, good choice if you need a car in Valencia.

(5 / 5) 08/04/2024 10:42


Ordered directly from their website and received great service, fast delivery(even though there were a lot of customers at the same time), free upgrade from Fiat 500 to VW Taigo, new car with just 372km on odometer, apple car play and powerful enough engine. Easy pickup and return. No issues with shuttle bus. Can definitely recommend it when you book directly.

(5 / 5) 07/05/2024 19:04

Yanky Rudzinski

It's the best! just book direct from there website, so you have priority at check in, And the main thing is that you have full comprehensive insurance with the best service just book direct from there website

(5 / 5) 13/05/2024 12:16

Marko Jerman

The service was quick and easy to use. The staff was respectful. The car was clean and new. Had some reservations due to bad comments and traveling with two small kids, however our experience was very good.

(5 / 5) 26/04/2024 05:59

Peter Tomcik

Very first and excellent experience with Centauro. Reasonable price, quick handling, car in a good condition. Refunds processed in one day! Definitely recommended. Looking forward to using Centauro next time.

(5 / 5) 11/03/2024 19:21

Martyn Henry

We wanted to rent a car in Seville for 1 day to explore the region and visit Ronda. Lots of options at Santa Justa station with very mixed reviews so we were a little uncertain. We decided to go with Centauro and booked the smallest car option (fiat 500 or similar). The counter staff were very helpful and really friendly and we were upgraded to a larger car for free. The car is easy to collect/return and it is relatively straightforward to leave Seville via Kansas City avenue. The deposit for fuel was returned very promptly upon returning the car with a full tank. Would definitely use this company again if renting in Seville.

(5 / 5) 05/03/2024 17:27

Szymon Wlochowicz

Very good car rental. I've rented a car several times and it always went without any trouble. Not the cheapest option, but for a decent price several services are offered that require substantial surplus at other vendors. Most significant of which are additional driver and full coverage without excess. The cars and new and nice with a decent equipment. The crew is super friendly and very efficient in what they do. Overall extremely good value for money.

(5 / 5) 09/05/2024 19:23

Cristina Petricanu

Easy to rent, they don't ask for a full guarantee, just a fee they return if you give the car back with a full tank. centrally located, friendly staff

(5 / 5) 26/04/2024 14:21


Used them every year and find them very efficient to the booking process and then picking up the car, I have never had a problem and cars always great condition. I always get the No excess insurance as then no worries if any dents or scratches. I cannot recommend them enough, very friendly helpful staff.

(5 / 5) 08/05/2024 09:57

Gabriel-Viorel Craciun

I really had a good experience with them. Clean and almost new car. All cars looks new (viewed them in the parking)

(5 / 5) 07/05/2024 11:31

Marek Hrusky

I booked a car for a trip to Ávila. At the time of arrival at the Centauro office there were only 2 customers at that time (Saturday). Process of pick up was movie-like experience thanks to the charismatic gentleman at the counter :D All conditions were explained very well. Car was clean inside and outside, with some casual imperfections on the bodywork documented in a contract. Navigation and sensors worked well. Drop off was easy - before returning I went to the gas station, which is 4 roundabouts east of the office, filled up (vacuumed day before), then drove to the office where there are parking spaces on the right hand side. I found one, parked, got my luggage, went to the office and handed the car keys to the gentleman at the desk. He assured me that the fuel deposit would be refunded later, which indeed came next day. Madrid Centauro - Barajas Airport - 7 stars!

(5 / 5) 27/04/2024 01:39

David Castro

I had a great experience with Centauro. I needed a car for a day trip and I completed the whole process from the phone and in 5-10m, from the account registering to the full confirmation. I also signed up in a matter of minutes to Fastkey by providing digitally my ID and that was the best decision ever. When I went to pick up the car directly to the parking lot I realized how much time I saved after I glanced at a big queue in the offices. I also returned the car in the same way and only invested 5m returning the keys. Overall a really great experience and I will definitely repeat.

(5 / 5) 28/12/2023 22:12

sharone fajardo

The best car rental ever -- in all aspects! I'm so happy with it that I will never consider other car rentals ever!

(5 / 5) 13/05/2024 08:39

Garreth Nunn

My insurance gives me a substitute car if my car needs to go into the garage and last week I needed to use that service. The first time I have ever used Centauro and the experience was great. Attended by an extremely nice gentleman in reception, who explained everything perfectly. The car was perfect and extremely clean and it was brand new. Brought it back and it was the same. Great service, everything clearly explained and no problems at all. Recommend them highly

(5 / 5) 28/09/2022 18:50

Lourdes Mera Sanchez-Rubio

I have been delighted with the attention and with the rented car! According to what I needed! I recommend it! It has been through the Mutual!

(5 / 5) 21/07/2021 18:23

Mark Vasey

Very helpful, clear and fast. Would recommend!!

(5 / 5) 24/01/2022 13:05


Very professional staff. Highly recommended.

(5 / 5) 25/03/2022 23:34

Rafael Vazquez

Used once (for the time being) and the process for getting and returning the car was very efficient and clear. The car was covering the expectations. In the overall the experience was very good.

(5 / 5) 23/04/2024 08:49

Pavler B

Good company with a very competitive offer. I used Centauro cars few times in different places already and every time the service was done with good quality. I always choose the insurance with no excess and never had any problems with the car check in and its return. Shuttle bus is available quickly, usually during the 15 minutes, easy to be found at airport. So, good job so far and I wish you to keep the quality also in the future.

(5 / 5) 08/05/2024 21:39


Una experiencia de 5 estrellas para nuestro viaje con el alquiler de coche en Centauro Abando. Muchas gracias a Izaskun por sus explicaciones ya que era la primera vez que alquilamos un coche, sus recomendaciones de ruta de viaje, restaurantes, etc. Gracias también a Patricia que nos entregó las llaves. En general todo el personal muy amable y dispuestos a hacerte el viaje agradable

(5 / 5) 12/05/2024 17:51

Jose Garcia

Absolutely amazing and fantastic service. Staff were friendly, efficient, and to be honest, kind. I normally dread hiring a car, but this experience was just perfect. I will endeavour to only hire from Centauro from now on. P.S. please never sell this to the other hire companies. It is so nice to be able to start your holiday without grief. Thank you.

(5 / 5) 03/04/2024 17:21

David Staigl

Car used for a trip to Finistere, better and cheaper than traveling in an overcrowded bus

(5 / 5) 06/05/2024 08:23


Overall experience was excellent, staff very friendly, car in excellent condition and great performance wise. Great price and definitely worth paying little extra for smart premium package. Give yourself time at pick up/drop off as they can be quite busy. Will definitely use again.

(5 / 5) 01/05/2024 18:17

Patrycja Czobot

We rented a car for 4 days to travel to Montserrat and around Costa Brava. The booking process was smooth, car worked without any issues, we got the fuel deposit back very quickly after returning the car (like 1-2days!). Overall, very positive experience and no issues in any part of the process. The car was new and worked perfectly

(5 / 5) 07/04/2024 11:02

Reviews in Portugal

Daniel Dahan

Would highly recommend this company, and this site specifically in lisbon airport. The car was really great and new, except it was Lacking a bit of sound proof so the drive was a bit noisy, and we paid for a higher tier vehicle. But to be honest with the amazing price we got for the entire time I shouldn't even mention it. The amazing price also included a second driver and a full insurance coverage. Everything about this rental was pretty perfect, the service and the booking.

(5 / 5) 05/05/2024 00:59

Rodney Pomfrett

Great service right from the start as pick up at Faro airport went well, securing the car was simple, the car was excellent and drop off very smooth. A special thanks to Nuno who drove us back to the airport. Would thoroughly recommend

(5 / 5) 15/04/2024 15:44

Janno Kriiska

Centauro is one of the best car rental service I have used so far. Friendly customer service, good prices and simple offers (premium package comes with full insurance and additional driver), clean and good cars. Have rented 3 cars for a week from Rome and also 3 cars for a week from Porto and both time had great experience.

(5 / 5) 06/05/2024 10:58

Dave G

Excellent service, car was better than expected as was top of the range Ford Focus Hybrid and had ordered a Seat Ibiza. Picked up quickly outside airport by courtesy bus followed by a quick check in and a friendly and courteous service throughout. Was great not having to worry about damage as car fully covered with no credit card deposit required. Fuel charge was quickly refunded to bank on return of vehicle with full tank. Would definitely recommend hiring a vehicle from this company.

(5 / 5) 01/05/2024 15:35

Reviews in Italy

Anna Kalogeropoulou

We booked an automatic T-Roc or equivalent SUV for 4 days. Once we arrived, they informed us that Mini Countryman (automatic) will be given to us. The car was excellent and we faced no issues with Centauro. We paid 270€ in total with fully covered insurance. They gave us the car with 60% benzina and asked for 70€ , but since we returned the car with the same (actually higher) level of fuel, they returned the 70€ to us. Also, a yellow Centauro's van came to pick us up from the airport (we did not wait a lot, the van comes and goes all the time). The driver speaks English fluently and was really helpful. Once we left the car, the van swiftly picked us up back to the airport.

(5 / 5) 12/05/2024 08:41

ONi Ndreko DJ

I booked a car from the website, everything was ok. The car was as I expected. The service of the staff is very good.

(5 / 5) 06/04/2024 18:58

Ivars Upmalis

The fastest car rental service company! Excellent service, transfer only 5 minutes both on arrival and departure! I always choose this company!

(5 / 5) 22/04/2024 18:35

Diana Hurmuz

Flawless service! Shuttle came really fast, car pickup takes just a few minutes if you book on the app and upload documents. Car was clean and the deposit for the fuel was returned in 2 days.

(5 / 5) 08/05/2024 19:18

Nikola Radin

We rented a car for our road trip through Tuscany. Everything was perfect, shuttle bus operates every 10 minutes, people are friendly and helpful. Taking and returning car was smooth. Definitely recommended.

(5 / 5) 29/04/2024 06:50

Paweł Kwieciński

Zero problems, car brand new, very friendly staff. They speak very good English. I got a free upgrade. Btw car doesn't need to be washed prior to return but I'd suggest doing it anyway. There's a car was nearby that it's very modern.

(5 / 5) 26/04/2024 16:54

Nusa Stroligo

Whenever we rent a car we always choose Cantauro and they never disappoint. Quick and easy pick up. Friendly stuff. On our recent vacation something hit our front window and it broke. Luckily we were very close to Centauro office in Olbia. After arriving there they exchanged our car in no time. Would highly recommend choosing their Premium package.

(5 / 5) 07/05/2024 20:57

Alin Tintesan

Amazing experience from start to finish. Very friendly staff which spoke perfect English and also got upgraded to a brand new Nissan Qashqai, will definitely rent again from Centauro.

(5 / 5) 08/05/2024 07:55

Žan Zadnikar

Perfect! No problem at all, car was working perfectly, it was almost a new one. The best feature was Android Auto for navigation on the main screen. Returning of the car went smoothly without any problem. When coming back, I will again rent a car at Centauro.

(5 / 5) 08/05/2024 11:22

Nicu Aleman

great service! after many horrible reviews for car rental companies in Bologna airport, I came across this company! it 4 km away, but their shuttle service is very reliable. also, their partners can take you there, in the same location. so, if they are going in the same direction, they might pick you up for free. Taking the keys was really fast - after solving the customers in front me (I also uploaded my documents online). The car was great, and I got an amazing upgrade. I really appreciated the full insurance - this is not something you would get easily with other providers. All-in-all, I will definitely rent from them again, when possible.

(5 / 5) 08/05/2024 19:03

Reviews in Greece

Maciej Kujawa

Everything from the beginning till the end of the rental was absolutely fine and in a good price in comparison to other companies. The pick up and the end of the rental took approximately 5 minutes in total. It was quick and easy and the cars in offer are nearly brand new and fantastic to drive. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a car rental!

(5 / 5) 08/05/2024 22:20

Shillem Volpato

Smooth experience. Just know that they have a fuel policy: in addition to the deposit they will lock additional money according to the fuel level the car is provided with. As long as you return it with the same fuel level they will fully refund the sum at the drop off.

(5 / 5) 04/05/2024 08:27

Jeroen Beekhuizen

Second time I booked with Centauro. Perfect and quick service at pickup and return. Friendly staff. Good cars with the option of full coverage for a good price. Booked direct at their website. The location is not direct at the airport but the free shuttle picks you up in front of the terminal and brings you in less than 5 minutes to the location.

(5 / 5) 08/05/2024 20:33

Boris Frankovič

One of the best experiences with car rental. The staff was very friendly and helpful, for a low price I got a premium service with the full coverage and zero excess. Everything was very clear and transparent, no hidden fees or ambiguous conditions. Despite settled away from the Chania airport, you can reach it easily with the shuttle service provided for free.

(5 / 5) 17/04/2024 22:31

Julian Matz

Pickup and drop-off was very efficient and without any trouble. Staff was very friendly and welcoming. Car was a Citroen C3 in very good and clean condition.

(5 / 5) 10/04/2024 22:19

Vasiliki Chriskioti

Excellent service at Santorini's airport. The delivery and return of the car was really fast. We got an upgrade, the car was brand new and very clean. Olga was very polite and helpful! I suggest the premium service, which includes zero excess, 2nd driver and priority on delivery.

(5 / 5) 12/05/2024 01:44

sarah west

Love this company. Use 6/7 times a year. Speed and efficiency is great. Transport to and from airport is super quick - 2 mins. Cars are always good quality too.

(5 / 5) 28/04/2024 23:18

Dave Brown

We were visiting for the first time and was unsure what to expect. We was greated with the friendliest welcome and found everything to be very organised, the car was pretty much new, clean and tidy, and larger then we thought lol. The only thing that was not stated on website was you pay for fuel when you hire, which you get back unless you want to take the car back empty. The man in the office who greated us was so helpful and friendly. Couldn't fault the service in anyway!!! Will defo be using these as our regular car hire company when abroad. Turn around time for fuel deposit was very quick to! Very happy customers!

(5 / 5) 12/05/2024 08:40

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