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Reviews in Spain

Local Heroes

The gentleman here who dealt with us was very polite & knowledgeable he did us a great deal on our car that we hired for a couple of days while holidaying in Benidorm & would certainly recommend them if looking for 1st class service & 1st class cars

(5 / 5) 13/03/2023 16:26

James Corder

A great car which was clean when handed over with a full tank of petrol the pick up process was good and the drop off was stress free . I would definitely use centauro again they are friendly and honest

(5 / 5) 17/09/2022 13:31

Marion Fenton

We had such great service. Our flight was delayed and we arrived after the office was shut, but I was able to call the head office (who amazingly answered at 23:15!!!!), who called the local Valencia office and they came and picked us up (note the office is not at the airport - you have to get a shuttle bus). The person who picked us up was so kind to us and we got an amazing car - a Lynk and Co which we'd never even heard of but it's totally fabulous! I assume it was an upgrade as it was a much better model than we normally get (we often hire from Centauro) Fantastic service when we dropped the car as well (we needed a taxi to take us to central Valencia) We highly recommend Centauro Valencia - added bonus that there is a petrol station right next door so you can fill up there before dropping the car back.

(5 / 5) 12/04/2023 15:10

Alison Grady

Fabulous service at Torrevieja Centauro This is our 'go to' for car hire in Spain and the Torrevieja office is exceptionally good. We always book online using their really easy to use booking system and when we arrive at the Torrevieja office we never have to wait, the people there are always friendly and super helpful. The cars are always great - very clean and exactly what we're expecting to find. Likewise, when we return the car, we never have to wait and the 'full to full' deposit is always returned within 24 hours. This is car hire as it should be.

(5 / 5) 25/04/2023 10:33

Raul Osegueda

Recommended! Good customer service great prices and the car was on spot, felt like an European driving an eco SUV! They handed it outside of their parking and received it on the same spot, full coverage so there was no wait time on the inspections.

(5 / 5) 18/05/2023 12:41

Alexander Set (drBuben)

One of the best car rental services on Mallorca. Good transparent price, new excellent cars. Comfortable shuttle bus access with a small bonus - when you return a car the shuttle bus will deliver you directly to the Departures entrance. 100% recommendation to all my friends and other tourists. No minuses at all. Pay attention - you need to find a yellow shuttle bus with Centauro logo on the right side of walkway from the airport. It's located in 5 minutes from the airport exit.

(5 / 5) 14/05/2023 19:59

Daniel Huynh

good service and car. The 1500 euros pre authorisation and fuel pre charge, could be frightening. It was eventually cancelled and reimbursed

(5 / 5) 30/04/2023 21:28

Trayana Pamoukchieva

I'm extremely satisfied with the service! The Booking was very easy (debit cards also accepted), staff competent and kind as well as the prices were reasonable. We also god upgraded car category.

(5 / 5) 10/04/2023 06:44

Abby Eaton

I've used this Centauro location at Seville airport several times. They are really professional, very friendly, the cars are immaculate and extremely good value. The pick up/drop off shuttle bus is free and takes less than 5 minutes. There are petrol stations very close to fill up your tank before returning your vehicle and the hub location is easy to access so no hassle with traffic/road systems. I highly recommend this business

(5 / 5) 14/04/2023 12:55

Sibyl Davis

Excellent customer service from Centauro in Santa Justa train station location. The office is across the street Kansas City to the side of the station, and the rental cars are down in a parking garage. The front desk was helpful and courteous. The car we rented was new and comfortable. When we returned the car, we received our refund on gasoline refill quickly back to our account. There was written information given at time of rental to make the return go smoothly.

(5 / 5) 09/03/2023 07:40

Jenny Wang

The rental process is fast and efficient. The staff there was super nice and have been really helpful to us. They took us to the airport to pick up our delayed luggage and also helped us to print a shipping label. Many thanks to the staff!

(5 / 5) 08/04/2023 07:21

Richard White

Very reliable company who are really fair on pricing with no hidden extras. I forgot to fill up the tank when returning and the tank was 8/10 full and I was charged only 10 Euros. Incredible. Deposits are automatically refunded really quickly within an hour. Would recommend this if in Malaga Maria Zambrano. Very happy with this company which I have used now for 5 or 6 years .

(5 / 5) 09/02/2023 19:09

Mat Walls

1st time using Centauro, initially a little apprehensive as didn't realise when booking the vehicle/offices are not at the terminal. Had previously experienced poor service from a different hire company at Almería Airport which was 'off site' but was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was with this company at Murcia Airport, exiting the terminal you cross the road and wait for a large yellow sign written mini bus, this repeatedly arrives to collect customers, you can't miss them, if you do, they are back again shortly. The mini bus was very clean, cool and was driven by a smart polite driver. Less the 5 mins later your at the offices, shortly after your in your car. On the way back there's a fuel station 2 mins away so super easy to fill up, return was completed in a couple of minutes and again a big yellow mini bus shortly arrived to return me to the terminal, brilliant! Car was brand new, super clean. Hassle free service, staff are very friendly and professional, definitely recommend and will book direct next time without any hesitation, could not fault anything.

(5 / 5) 17/05/2023 04:57

Piet Den Haese

I usually look for a car rental via a broker. Several times I got directed to centauro as their prices are competitive. On top of that, I really appreciate their services and professionalism. The staff at the desk spoke English very well, clear, no nonsense contract, no rip off with fuel charges or anything else nonsense. Correct handling with payment, refunds, deposit. I'm very happy with them, and I rent cars quite often, all over the world. Centauro stands out for their quality and service... I just wish there were more rental car service like Centauro... As the location is not on the airport itself, a shuttle bus is provided from all terminals. Hence their good price as they don't have to pay excessive prices for airport parking ( airport tax). Only drawback is that it might be difficult to drop your car before 7am, as their office is closed.

(5 / 5) 17/04/2023 06:22

Jonathan Murray

Great service, easy reservation, free upgrade, and overall great experience

(5 / 5) 21/10/2022 10:39

Antonio Balta


(5 / 5) 23/03/2023 21:06

Garreth Nunn

My insurance gives me a substitute car if my car needs to go into the garage and last week I needed to use that service. The first time I have ever used Centauro and the experience was great. Attended by an extremely nice gentleman in reception, who explained everything perfectly. The car was perfect and extremely clean and it was brand new. Brought it back and it was the same. Great service, everything clearly explained and no problems at all. Recommend them highly

(5 / 5) 28/09/2022 18:50

Lourdes Mera Sanchez-Rubio

I have been delighted with the attention and with the rented car! According to what I needed! I recommend it! It has been through the Mutual!

(5 / 5) 21/07/2021 18:23

Mark Vasey

Very helpful, clear and fast. Would recommend!!

(5 / 5) 24/01/2022 13:05


Very professional staff. Highly recommended.

(5 / 5) 25/03/2022 23:34

Holden Caulfield

I returned the vehicle, initially rented in Atocha, in this office. Everything perfect in terms of management, and of course the friendliness of the employees.

(5 / 5) 10/05/2023 09:01

Adrian P

Really nice, good and fast service. They pick you up and take you back to the airport (look for big yellow Mercedes Sprinter bus in front of departures hall. Theirs office and parking is few minutes away from the airport. Quite good cars like you can see on photos. Petrol station is just 100m from drop off so you don't lose any time on refueling before the return. Prices are also very good in compare to competition.

(5 / 5) 09/05/2023 08:53

Celso Lopez

Brilliant. It's not often one can peace a 5 star review in a rental car outlet but Centauro were just brilliant. Great new car fully insured at a ery competitive price. Everything quick and trouble free and really friendly staff. I can't think how they could be better. I'll definitely use them again.

(5 / 5) 11/05/2023 13:38

Elizaveta Dorofeeva

One of the best experience we had with car renal across Europe. The car itself - brand new Peugeot 308 - was excellent and exceeded our expectations. We did the paperwork in advance and took the full coverage, which made all interaction with the office fast and flawless. At pick up we were told there are no navigators available (we've ordered one in advance and were reimbursed the full amount), but apparently the car was already equipped with excellent navigation system that we were using during our trip! Overall, highly recommend!

(5 / 5) 22/05/2023 16:48

Yochai Zur

They had a surprising great deal. The price was competitive given the package: Unlimited kilometers Full coverage without excess Free second driver Decent service at the desk.

(5 / 5) 18/05/2023 21:39

Reviews in Portugal

Achilleas Kyriazopoulos

Very economical car rental company, without compromising on quality. I was served quickly both in receiving and delivering the vehicle. I received a vehicle of the category I had chosen, new and in excellent condition. They explained to me easily and understandably all the possible charges - guarantees and solved all my questions. I would definitely choose them again at the first opportunity.

(5 / 5) 27/03/2023 18:24

Gary W

I can not recommend these highly enough from picking us up to getting the key was hassle free the staff were great, they lost the key but it was found. They didn't try to sell me any extras I had no massive deposit I took out the full cover insurance and trust me it's fully covered... I had to pay €160 for a fuel deposit (standard practice anywhere In the world) and tolls their are a lot of toll roads in Portugal so I was happy this was one thing I didn't have to worry about... love this hire company highly recommended

(5 / 5) 25/05/2023 12:48

Paolo Siclari

By far the best car rental ever! They have a range of brand new cars offered at unbelievable prices! We rented a Ford Kuga ST line that was still smelling of new for only 30 euros a day! In addition, we added full insurance for peace of mind, which also was very competitive. Both check-in and check-out were super smooth and hassle free. They are located less than 1km from the airport and offer a shuttle service every 10 minutes. Simply don't get the bad reviews for tolls charges which are state road tax. I wish they were in every so I could only use them. 100% recommended!

(5 / 5) 10/04/2023 08:14

Abel Lamas Sánchez

Very kind and professional people, with agile services, clear specifications and verified services. What you have asked is what you got. The courtesy bus works fine and rapidly between the premise and the airport. The PREMIUM PACK we have buyed was a good value-price option.

(5 / 5) 26/08/2022 10:32

Reviews in Italy


To be honest, the place looked a little shady, but don't be fooled by appearances, this is a real deal. We got a good offer online with full insurance coverage and everything went smooth (no warranty blocked on the credit card, no questions asked on the return). Only additional tax was for fuel, which was reverted to card on the date of return. We got Fiat 500X instead of Ford Puma, but it had at least same size. We put in the trunk 4 cabin luggage and 3 backpacks. Car had about 30000km on board. No issues on the road.

(5 / 5) 17/04/2023 16:14

Janno Kriiska

Smooth and quick service. Nice amd new cars as promised, not some similar versions (we booked 3 x Mini Countryman). Good value for money! The office is some km away from the airport but the shuttle service is very convinient.

(5 / 5) 07/05/2023 08:36

Roderick Parascandalo

Service from Milan Malpensa office was very quick and smooth. The car provided was the one I booked online, Mini Countryman Diesel and automatic. It was very nice driving it for a whole week. Also fuel deposit was refunded in 2 days. Will surely rent from them again.

(5 / 5) 13/04/2023 20:14

Masud Anwar

Great car hire experience. A yellow minibus picks you up from the parking area as you leave the departure terminal from exit number 4. The shuttle comes every 10-15 mins. The car collection and drop off process was quick. The prices are excellent and the car new and clean. We got a nice hyundai i30 which had android auto, parking sensors and cameras, cruise control and lane assists. They took a fuel deposit of £112 which was fully refunded. I would definitely hire from them again

(5 / 5) 11/05/2023 11:50


Excellent car rental services. Everything went great, fast pick up and drop off. Clean car, no waiting, very kind staff. Best experience I've ever had.

(5 / 5) 05/05/2023 20:36

Roberto Cui

Will definitely book again with Centauro at Cagliari airport. Awesome cars at reasonable prices and both the guy who handed me the car and the gal who took it back were really kind and professional! Thank you!

(5 / 5) 14/04/2023 14:54

Simon Russell

Such a excellent rental company Our car was brand new ( 80kms on clock) and had a soft top which was not expected. We where picked up and dropped of very quickly I left my wallet in the car when we dropped it of with money in it and credit/debit cards, drivers licences etc. I managed to get back there again after being picked up again from airport and my wallet was safe in the lost property and returned to me very quickly. Such a honest company. Would definitely highly recommend and will use again when back In Sardinia

(5 / 5) 16/04/2023 19:05

Petr Kovar

I extremely satisfied Centauro services. I was looking for a decent rental service for a long time. I chose to rent with a premium package for greater comfort I rented an almost new car. Fast transfer, pickup and return car. Everything was fine. Thank you.

(5 / 5) 10/05/2023 19:13

Tomas Pinkas

We were very pleased with service. Dino is their top man and with premium package we were given free upgrade to higher class car from Hyundai i10 to Peugeot 208. I recommend their premium package since Sicily drivers are a bit wild west style. There is no deposit with the package and full insurance included. Although gas deposit is payable with debit or credit card. Gas deposit of €116 for Peugeot 208 which was refunded within 24 hours

(5 / 5) 16/05/2023 05:11

Цветелина Неделчева

Very positive experience. Car clean and efficient. Courtesy on the staff at the office. A special mention for Mrs. Paola: she picked-up us both times and she was very kind and professional. We forgot stuff in the vehicle and she supported us to get back once again in the parking. We suggest them for rent a car services

(5 / 5) 12/01/2023 18:07

Reviews in Greece

Gil H.

Great experience from the start. The pick up was super easy and the lady at the desk was friendly, even offered me a free upgrade. I booked a VW Polo but got a VW T Roc. I booked full insurance for 10€ a day. I did not have to leave a deposit, only for gas but it was returned to my card after drop off. The employee checking the car was also very friendly. I was a bit nervous to book a car here because of the reviews but I was very happy with the whole experience.

(5 / 5) 21/05/2023 17:29


I checked the reviews here after I booked a rental car with them, which made me doubt that decision. I am happy that I didn't cancel it, because everything went very smoothly and we were more then happy with them. We were picked up from the airport by a shuttle bus driver who brought us to the rent-a-car building where we were welcomed by two desk clerks, one of which took my info, asked me ONCE if I wanted an additional insurance, which I kindly declined and she gave me the key to a brand new Peugeot 3008 without a single scratch on it. All of them were friendly and accommodating and spoke very good English. We waited around 20 minutes to return the car, as there were a lot of us customers at the same time, but the check itself was very quick and I received the refund of the deposit and the reservation for the gas money the same day. 5/5, would definitely recommend and use their service again

(5 / 5) 26/05/2023 20:42

Philipp Haase

We rent with Centauro for a few years now. On Mallorca and Crete we had good experiences and nice cars. When offered an extra insurance we respectfully declined, no further problems. Returning the car was easy and quick as well and we were taken to the airport immediately. From our experiences we can recommend this rental service. 👍🏼

(5 / 5) 03/10/2022 15:20


It was as easy as one could imagine renting a car. Booked a car via centauro website with everything included in the price. By arrival got transferred to the renting location, in 5 minutes after that got a car. Returning the car was even faster. Got money reserved for the gas the next day. Smooth, easy and fun with a sense of humour from employees😀

(5 / 5) 22/05/2023 12:13

Haneen Abdelqader

My experience was in Corfu. I highly recommend this company. Friendly staff, easy pick-up and drop off of car. Great value for money! I also recommend adding a smart cover insurance, makes everything easier!

(5 / 5) 08/05/2023 15:43

Lorie Doswell

Stella checked us in on our arrival and out at return. She was patient, very nice and clear on options for insurance. And, when we returned the car a little early, the whole staff were very nice in advising when we should arrive at the airport and helping us order a quick coffee.

(5 / 5) 18/05/2023 14:08

Charalambos Karpathakis

Brand new vehicles, affordable prices and peace of mind insurance.

(5 / 5) 09/05/2023 19:53

Βαλια Βασιλακακη

Helpful staff at the agency with impeccable professional skills and behaviour.They offered us all the tools and advice we needed.The atmosphere was very pleasant and we will be happy to meet them again.We were completely satisfied and grateful,thank you!

(5 / 5) 24/05/2023 06:04

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