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Reviews in Spain

Nadia O'Connell

Perfect! Great service and value. The best experience company in my experience

(5 / 5) 11/01/2024 13:13


Always excellent service, I've hired from this company a few times in the last few months and always been very helpful and friendly from pick up to drop off. I always book direct on their website with the full protection, it's a little more than booking through the airline I fly with but worth it for the piece of mind. No large security deposit to pay on pick up which makes a difference All the staff I have encountered have been extremely polite and friendly

(5 / 5) 13/01/2024 23:09

Robi M

A very good company. Quick shuttle with easy to find meeting point. Nearby new car, clean,perfect condition and exacly as we booked,not 'similar'! Very friendly and well prepared personal. The pick up was really just a few minutes. Highly recommend!

(5 / 5) 04/02/2024 16:22

sarolta helga Daroczi

Really great experience, friendly staff, the car hire ran smoothly with no problems, we got the refund for fuel the next week. The car we hired was almost like new. All was great.

(5 / 5) 13/09/2023 17:45

Andrii Zakharchenko

One of the best car rentals. Easy to pickup. Can pay with debit card. Can verify all data online in the app. Kudos to your services!

(5 / 5) 21/01/2024 19:14

Marek Hazák

We have rented SUV Hyundai Tucson one month in advance (off-season - January). Company is not located at the airport, but provides shuttle bus. Bus station was easy to find. We landed into Mallorca around 9AM and waited for bus ~10minutes. Drive to the company is another 10minutes. Driver asked for the name and while we arrive, everything was already prepared for us. Car was almost brand new, with 20k km, in perfect condition. We have paid deposit for full tank of 140€, which is returned after car is returned with full tank. No other deposit needed, payment is available with debit/credit card. Full insurance included in the price. Secondary driver is added for free. Price is very affordable. Whole takeover process (bus waiting ride included) took us 30minutes - perfect. Company opens at 7AM and we return the car at exactly at 7 as we have early flight. Everything went smooth, lady just took a keys and shuttle bus took us to the airport immediately without waiting for more people. This was my second experience with the company - first was in Bergamo, Italy. I guess they set standard internationally. Well done, highly recommended!

(5 / 5) 23/01/2024 07:15

Valler CSGO

Second time with centauro, flawless both times. I do not understand all the 1 star reviews. People you drive new cars in a foreign country - just get the full insurance and you will be fine. If you get full insurance they dont charge deposit from your credit card. It is true though that often you get different brand of a car but they clearly state on the website that it is just a 'category' of vehicle. We received free upragde tho because no small car was available :-). Centauro also often provide discount codes for free on their social media so watch out for those! Overall good experience, thank you.

(5 / 5) 20/10/2023 06:30

Andrea Juříková

We had a great experience with the car rental company, we got a new car and returned it as new. they returned the deposit immediately after returning it. We will definitely rent a car again

(5 / 5) 27/11/2023 21:26

Mike Davis

Can't fault our experience at Centauro Seville - quick pick up from airport. Seamless process for collecting car, clear instructions etc. We had a Kia Picanto fairly new great condition. The return process was also similarly simple and efficient

(5 / 5) 21/01/2024 10:22

Mohamed Omar

Friendly Staff , very decent service and the car was in amazing condition, they don't ask you for a credit card for the deposit, you can pay with your debit card, and they returened the deposite next morning after returning the Car , I would highly recommend to hire a car from Centauro , rather than other fishy agencies like Hertz, Thank you so much for the amazing service.

(5 / 5) 22/01/2024 11:45

Denis Cahill

i used this company for first time recently January 2024 at Malaga airport on the advice of a friend. I was pleasantly surprised with the reasonable price, the vehicle on offer and with the lack of fuss involved in renting out the vehicle. I also appreciated not being ripped off as is often the case reported on other rental websites. The staff at Malaga were very efficient & friendly also. Would recommend this company to a friend.

(5 / 5) 25/01/2024 14:23

Paweł Bielski

The car rental experience was excellent. The Jeep Renegade hybrid was fantastic, and the office service was exceptionally good. Overall, a highly satisfying experience.

(5 / 5) 16/01/2024 20:41

David Campbell

Amazing experience with Centauro. FastKey option is a must for all! Upon uploading my documents online I was able to collect they keys from a smart box in their office and had the car within minutes. Dropping the car back was a seamless experience as well and all was done in a few minutes. Will be using them again for sure. Keep up the great work as all other car rental experiences are nowhere near as smooth as this one.

(5 / 5) 02/11/2023 11:01

Ferdinand Koch

Rented a car here for four times during my long-term stay in Madrid and it was a very pleasant and convenient experience at all times. Friendly workers, quite fast service and clean, up-to-date/new cars (two of them only had ~2000km). Only thing I may have to say is to watch out when picking up the car. I had unrecorded damages and/or a half-full gas tank twice, but this was easily and quickly documented and returning the car was also fast and uncomplicated.

(5 / 5) 20/01/2024 00:45

David Castro

I had a great experience with Centauro. I needed a car for a day trip and I completed the whole process from the phone and in 5-10m, from the account registering to the full confirmation. I also signed up in a matter of minutes to Fastkey by providing digitally my ID and that was the best decision ever. When I went to pick up the car directly to the parking lot I realized how much time I saved after I glanced at a big queue in the offices. I also returned the car in the same way and only invested 5m returning the keys. Overall a really great experience and I will definitely repeat.

(5 / 5) 28/12/2023 22:12

Tulasi Prasanth

I rented the car for couple of days there was no hassles while picking up or dropping off. Car is fully cleaned and well maintained. People are quite generos our there.

(4 / 5) 27/06/2023 07:03

Garreth Nunn

My insurance gives me a substitute car if my car needs to go into the garage and last week I needed to use that service. The first time I have ever used Centauro and the experience was great. Attended by an extremely nice gentleman in reception, who explained everything perfectly. The car was perfect and extremely clean and it was brand new. Brought it back and it was the same. Great service, everything clearly explained and no problems at all. Recommend them highly

(5 / 5) 28/09/2022 18:50

Lourdes Mera Sanchez-Rubio

I have been delighted with the attention and with the rented car! According to what I needed! I recommend it! It has been through the Mutual!

(5 / 5) 21/07/2021 18:23

Mark Vasey

Very helpful, clear and fast. Would recommend!!

(5 / 5) 24/01/2022 13:05


Very professional staff. Highly recommended.

(5 / 5) 25/03/2022 23:34

Holden Caulfield

I returned the vehicle, initially rented in Atocha, in this office. Everything perfect in terms of management, and of course the friendliness of the employees.

(5 / 5) 10/05/2023 09:01

Saad Houry

Booking on the website was straightforward. Instructions to take the shuttle were clear. Waited less than 10 min. Staff on bus and at office were very courteous, friendly and professional. Fast issuing of contract. Car very clean, in excellent condition and almost brand new. Return of vehicle very smooth and no wait for shuttle. Thank you.

(5 / 5) 10/01/2024 10:31

Joan Sabater

Atención super agradable. Información dada con bastante claridad y dispuestos a ayudar ofreciendo diferentes recomendaciones de sitios donde visitar. Funcionamiento del coche genial y no ha habido ningún problema. Quedamos muy satisfechos y repetiremos.

(5 / 5) 02/02/2024 13:34

Auri Salem

Best car rental experience I've had!! Highly recommend! Very kind and trustworthy people work here and make renting very simple. Easy to get to with public transit too! Special thanks to Angela who made sure we had all needed information when returning :)

(5 / 5) 10/10/2023 12:11

Ivan Vukovic (Dubrovnik tourist guide)

They have been so helpful. They made it very easy for us to rent a car. Gave us some great tips what to see on our way to Muxia. Gracias

(5 / 5) 14/11/2023 22:46

Abdul A.

Quality service. Thank you! I would just recommend developing a way or system for EV charging, probably through the app, because apparently EV charging companies would not accept direct payment or even a visa card. But the service was perfect and the drop off was smooth. The shuttle service is great. Thank you.

(5 / 5) 13/01/2024 19:28


Only positive emotions after cooperation with this company. We rented a car for 1 day for road trip to Andorra and France. One of the terms for renting a car was that we had to pay the cost of a full tank of fuel. This price was much more than at the petrol stations but in the office we got warned if we hand over a car with the same quantity of fuel we'l get the refund in the full volume and we did like this. Getting ahead the money arrived in couple days. The car that we rented was in good condition the car interior was cleaned and tidy. We reached in Andorra and France without any problem and same with back way. Summarizing our own experience cooperating with this company I can rate as good. Thumb up.

(5 / 5) 29/12/2023 11:44

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