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  1. - Gastronomy & Travel

    ‘Caldero’ from Mar Menor | Murcian ‘Arroz a banda’

    It is always the perfect time to taste a delicious and nutritious rice dish and if you find yourself visiting the lovely region of Murcia, then there is only one name for it ‘Caldero’ from Mar Menor.

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  2. - Road Trips

    7 unique places in Alicante

    Discover 7 charming places in Alicante with Centauro Rent a Car. Tour around Alicante with one of our hire cars and make the most of your holidays!

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  3. - Rental Car Advice

    How to place a child’s seats in a car

    The safety of our little ones when we are on the roads is of utmost importance so we would just like to give you some safety tips.

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  4. - Road Trips

    Car route around the Costa Brava

    Surrounded by lush & wild vegetation, steep cliffs, golden sandy beaches, beautiful blue sea and idyllic bays….ready to enjoy all of this with your car hire?

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  5. - Holiday Plans

    Holidays in Torrevieja; things to do not to be missed!

    All the secrets to an enjoyable holiday in Torrevieja, discover some amazing coves to go snorkelling, lovely walks through the old town of the city and the impressive views of the protected natural parks.

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  6. - Gastronomy & Travel

    Guide for lobster stew in Fornells

    Are you travelling to Menorca on holiday? Don’t miss our guide to the best places to enjoy lobster stew, serving the best and most delicious lobster in all of the Mediterranean

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  7. - Rental Car Advice

    10 Recommendations for cleaning your car

    Who doesn’t like seeing their car shining like brand new? Take note of these ten top tips for when you hand wash your car and you will be the envy of all your neighbours!

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  8. - Road Trips

    Discover ‘the other Ibiza’ by car

    The best kept secrets in Ibiza…hidden coves, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters… you won’t want to wake up from this dream come true.

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  9. - Gastronomy & Travel

    Seafood restaurants in Benidorm

    A morning walk along the beach, a little sunshine to top up your tan, a dip in the crystal waters of the Mediterranean to cool you down….and to eat: Seafood! A perfect day in Benidorm!

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  10. - Holiday Plans

    Holy Week in Lorca 2017

    Discover the Holy Week in Lorca with Centauro Rent a Car; a unique tourist event, with Biblical processions between rival confraternities not to be missed.

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