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  1. - Roadlovers

    Celebrate St. Valentine's Day with a blockbuster Roadtrip

    Going on a driving route in St. Valentine is one of the most fun and romantic options you can enjoy with your partner. We tell you the best cities for adventurers to enjoy love, because we believe that the best gifts are the moments that we live together.

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    Serra da Estrela: The white mountain of Portugal

    Today we recommend visiting Serra da Estrela, the most famous white mountain in Portugal and the only point where you will find enough snow for skiing and other activities in the cold.

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  3. - Smart Driver

    Low cost Road trip: How to save on your trips

    Traveling by car always has a special charm; going on a road trip gives you the freedom of driving your way and discovering new places and destinations that otherwise you would not know. If your dream is to travel more, let us give you some tips to save by planning your trip on the road.

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  4. - Centauro Spirit

    The internal customer loyalty as a growth engine.

    Handling 9 openings in 3 different markets in one year is possible only the human team have assimilated the company’s internal values. This has been a fundamental pillar of our success in 2018.

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  5. - Drivesafety

    How to drive through a waterspout

    Rain is one of the climatic events that can surprise us on the road and make driving difficult. This is why we give you these tips for safe driving under the rain, especially if you catch a downpour while driving your car. 

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  6. - Centauro Spirit

    Charitable Food Collection 2018

    For the second year in a row, the entire Centauro Rent a Car team has been involved in organizing the Christmas food collection campaign to help the most disadvantaged. 

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  7. - Smart Driver

    Spotify lists for an unforgettable road trip

    Create your own Spotify lists for that awesome road trip and enjoy the freedom of driving while singing at the top of your lungs, alone or with company.

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  8. - Centauro Spirit

    Centauro Rent a Car will open in Greece in 2019!

    We will be present in the main tourist destinations of the Hellenic country: Athens and the Greek islands. Greece becomes the third international market for the operations of Centauro Rent a Car, which already has a prominent presence in Italy and Portugal

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  9. - Roadlovers

    Live a #ChristmasYourWay!

    Centauro wants to thank you for taking this journey and the ones to come with us by surprising you with a #ChristmasYourWay prize draw, in which you can win free flights, road trip experience packages, Hofmann albums, and car rentals.

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