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  1. - Drivesafety

    How to take care of your car to avoid breakdowns

    We all want our travel companion to be with us for a long time. Today we tell you about the most common breakdowns and how to avoid them so that your car continues to share your adventures at the wheel.

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  2. - 45th Anniversary

    We´ve changed so much! Summer songs in Spain from 1973 until today

    Can you imagine a road trip without your favorite music in the background? Nothing would have been the same without those songs that have been with us in the journeys of our lives... We have recovered from the past the summer songs from the 70s until today. 

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  3. - Drivesafety

    Tips for planning your road trip

    Are you finally going on a holiday with your car? Follow our TOP of infallible tips to plan your road trip so that everything goes smoothly

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  4. - 45th Anniversary

    We celebrate our 45th Anniversary!

    Francisco Devesa - father of the current CEO, Erik Devesa-, started the Centauro Rent a Car business in 1973 with a small fleet of 6 yellow 'Seat 600' in the city of Benidorm.

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