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  1. - Holiday Plans

    Holy Week in Lorca 2017

    Discover the Holy Week in Lorca with Centauro Rent a Car; a unique tourist event, with Biblical processions between rival confraternities not to be missed.

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  2. - Gastronomy & Travel

    Seafood restaurants in Benidorm

    A morning walk along the beach, a little sunshine to top up your tan, a dip in the crystal waters of the Mediterranean to cool you down….and to eat: Seafood! A perfect day in Benidorm!

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  3. - Rental Car Advice

    Portugal motorway tips

    Discover with Centauro Rent a Car how the Portuguese motorways work and the way to enjoy your car rental hassle free in Portugal.

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  4. - Road Trips

    Car route around Andalusia at Easter

    Join us on this four-day tour and get ready to enjoy an authentic Easter in Andalusia, one of the areas in Spain with the biggest religious tradition.

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  5. - Holiday Plans

    Low Cost Short Breaks for Easter Week – Porto

    Easter is approaching and so we need to decide where to enjoy the first holidays of the year. We suggest a visit to Porto, a romantic city full of charm and where you can enjoy some delicious food. Let’s get packing!

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  6. - Centauro World

    Travel Curiosities

    When we travel to a different country, we normally resort to renting a car. However, we must bear in mind that each country has its own traffic rules and some may not make much sense.

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  7. - Holiday Plans

    The best Hiking trails in Alicante

    Alicante is a province famous around the world for its beautiful coastlines and spectacular beaches. Do you want to discover this region in a different light? Join us on our journey of the best hiking trails in Alicante.

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