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    How to take advantage of the space in the boot of your car

    The boot always tends to end up full of things and, in many cases, we don´t even know how they ended up there! We offer you a few tips to avoid that chaos in the boot of your car, so you have room for all those really useful things.

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  2. - Holiday Plans

    Presents to buy in Portugal

    A practical guide to fill your car with presents from Portugal. Here we tell you the best things to buy in Portugal and where to can find them.

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  3. - Rental Car Advice

    How to install a bike rack to your car

    With these easy instructions, found out how to install a bike rack depending on the type of car that you have and how much you use your bike

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  4. - Centauro World

    2018 : Heading towards excellence

    With begin 2018 immersed in an important national and international expansion with new offices in both Spain & Italy.

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