Three-day driving tour of Thessaloniki

Are you planning a trip to Greece? Thessaloniki is one of the destinations that cannot be missed on your road trip through the Hellenic Nation. The second largest city in Greece offers the perfect combination of culture, architecture, gastronomy, and good atmosphere.

Take note, and don't miss a thing on this 3-day route through Thessaloniki.

Three days are enough to out of enjoy this adventure, but if you are looking to get the most out of this destination, here are some extra tips. With this road trip through Greece you will discover incredible places and a rich culture.

Let's go!

Day 1 – A cultural immersion in the historic centre

Our route begins in the heart of the city. Cross the Byzantine walls that surround the historic centre to discover:

  • The Modiano Market: This is the largest covered market in Thessaloniki. This is the ideal place to buy local products such as fish, vegetables, sausages, and even coffee. There are traditional tavernas, and a flower market very close by.

  • The White Tower: This is the most popular monument in Thessaloniki and the most emblematic symbol of the city. Located by the sea, it was built in the Ottoman era, with the purpose of ​​being both a fort and a prison at the same time.

  • The Arch of Galerius: one of the two triumphal arches built in 306 AD. On its walls you can see numerous depictions of the victory of the Roman Emperor Galerius over the Persians. It is part of one of the 8 UNESCO National Heritage monuments.

  • Agios Dimitros: The finishing touch to your first day. This is the most famous church in Thessaloniki and is dedicated to San Dimitri, patron saint of the city. A true architectural gem.

White Tower of Thessaloniki with Greek flag

Day 2 - Museums

The second day will focus on visiting various museums. There are many museums in Greece that tell great stories, however we especially recommend that you visit the following:

  • The Olympic Museum: dedicated to the history of the Olympic Games, from their origins to the present day.

  • The Museum of Byzantine Culture: with over 3,000 objects from the Byzantine Empire, jewels, mosaics, etc.

  • The Maritime Museum, an essential stop on your drive along the coast.

The Pella archaeological site

Day 3 – Excursions around Thessaloniki

On the third day, we recommend an excursion to visit some nearby archaeological sites. Greece is home to several very important museums, but we especially recommend that you visit the following:

  • Pella: about 50 minutes from Thessaloniki. The birthplace of Alexander the Great, a place where you can see everyday objects of the inhabitants of the place and the mosaic floors of various residences.

  • Vergina: 1 hour from the city of Thessaloniki and located next to Pella, this place contains the tomb of Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

  • Mount Olympus: we cannot forget the home of the Greek gods.

Are you travelling to Thessaloniki for more than 3 days? Visit the beaches of the region

If you prefer to take a trip to visit the beaches by car, the Halkidiki peninsula is full of endless beaches and turquoise waters. Sani, Nea Potidea, and Nea Fokea are perfect for spending time with family or friends, they can be your alternative plan.

Aerial view of Thessaloniki

Have you taken note of everything? Then you're ready for your next getaway in Greece. Book your next getaway to Thessaloniki here and live your own adventure.

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