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    5 Portuguese hot springs to explore this summer

    The summer vacations are here and there is no better time to rest and replenish energy. The northern and central parts of Portugal are full of thermal spas, which have scientifically proven health benefits.

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    Dive into the music most listened to by the #Roadlovers

    At Centauro Rent a Car we have conducted a survey in which more than 1000 #roadlovers have told us about the music they listen to when they are driving. What do you think they said? Click and find out.

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    3-day driving route through Crete

    Enjoy a 3-day driving route through Crete, where you will visit the most important places of the Minoan culture and the Greek civilization in Heraklion, the Palace of Knossos, Rethymno, Chania and Matala. Ready for your next adventure?

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    Fill out our survey and earn a free car rental week or a Spotify Premium subscription!

    Centauro Rent a Car wants to know what are the #Roadlovers’ favorite songs. Help us find out by completing a small survey we have prepared for you, it will only take 1 minute and you will get a chance towin one of the 3 free 7-day car rentals, or one of the 10 sixt months Spotify Premium subscriptions we will raffle. 

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    The 5 best destinations to watch the Blue Moon

    Are you a trekking, nature, and astronomy lover? Here are the 5 best locations in Spain to watch the blue moon like you have never before. Get ready to enjoy one of the biggest lunar events of the year.

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    6 destinations to visit within an hour of Porto

    Porto is Portugal’s second largest city, it has many charms. But if you want to go beyond this city center, we propose you 6 cities and villages that are within an hour of Porto. Rent your car, pick it up at our counter and set course for your adventure.

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