Guess what type of driver you are: The 7 most common driving personalities

Do you like to drive calmly, setting your own pace? Can't travel without listening to music? Or are you type that spends the whole trip telling war stories?

You know that travelling on the road is synonymous with travelling your way, but it is also doing it in the most fun way. Moments and memories are created, especially when you travel with friends or family, and you have one of these 7 driving personalities.

Read on and guess what type of driver you are.

The driver behind the wheel

Types of drivers with whom you can most enjoy your journey

Now we are going to show you some types of drivers that you may be able to identify with.

The driver in a hurry

Needs to get to their destination as soon as possible, doesn't want to miss a minute of their adventures. This type of driver will be waiting for the traffic light to turn green to pull away as soon as possible and will take the nearest carpark to get out of the car right away, even if it is much more expensive.

If you are the driver in a hurry, relax! A true #Roadlover knows that the good things about any trip are enjoying both the destination and the journey.

The Cautious type

They are usually very attentive to driving. Always looking for a co-pilot, they prefer to travel in company. They may find it difficult to drive at night and are aware of any noise or light that comes their way. For this type of driver, there is nothing better than a road playlist or podcast to help them to relax and enjoy the journey.

It's good to be cautious behind the wheel, but you don't have to be obsessed either. Safety recommendations for driving must be followed: take a break every two hours, pay attention to the state of the roads and the weather. Even if we can see clearly when driving at night, it's always a good idea to take a break. In good light, we will always see everything more clearly. Hiring an additional driver and taking turns at driving can also be an option.

The talkative driver

Never stops talking. Travelling by car with them can be very enjoyable, (or perhaps not). They love to tell stories, especially their own, and they will never miss the opportunity to show off how much they know about any topic you propose.

Travelling with a talkative driver is always more entertaining for your companions. But if they won't stop talking, maybe it doesn't hurt to remind them from time to time that their priority is to focus on the driving.

The music lover

Music tames the fierce, and some drivers need it to concentrate. Whether it's the radio or a playlist, a trip with a music lover driver will be full of great songs - you'll be singing along all the way. This is usually the most fun driver for a roadtrip. Don't forget any of the road trip gadgets that we recommend, or the experience may be very different from what you expected.

The driver behind the wheel

The driver who always gets lost

Their concentration on the road is so high that they will ignore the many warnings that the exit is approaching. They need a good co-pilot who is more attentive than they are and guides them correctly to reach the destination at the scheduled time.

Self-confident drivers

The Loner

"Better alone than in bad company" is their motto. They like roadtrips with just themself and the road ahead, no company, no distractions. This is a roadlover who prefers to travel their own way, without schedules, and without waiting for anyone else.

There is nothing wrong with being a loner behind the wheel. But remember: you may get there faster, but you will go further in company.

The Consistent Driver

For many, the perfect driver. Travels at a moderate speed, does not get overwhelmed in traffic jams, and always pays attention to traffic signs and signals. You will never see them angry or stressed. Travels their way, without being affected by the rush of others.

Watch out - perhaps you lose patience travelling with someone like that!

The driver behind the wheel

Do you already know what type of driver you are? Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy the adventure and drive responsibly.

See you on your next adventure #Roadlover