The 9 best gadgets to enjoy your road trip

You have already decided to go on an exciting journey, but you still hesitate over which gadgets to bring with you that will be most useful.

If you're looking for the best travel gadgets, you've come to the right place. Our ideas will make your experience easier, safer and memorable. Do you want to hear about them?

Road trip Gadgets

Road trip gadgets: the best technology for travelers

When you need the best travel gadgets, there are a number of essentials.

In this list you will find versatile chargers, solar batteries and other devices that you may not know yet. All of them are perfect proposals for your road trip:

1. Universal power adapter: will you go through more than one country? Maybe you can use a device of this type, that will allow you to charge all your traveler gadgets without having to worry about the type of plug you find. It is not the most innovative technological gadget, but it is no doubt one of the most convenient.

2. Noise cancellation headphones: perfect for those moments when you want to tune out or rest. This type of headset allows you to listen to music or an audiobook via Bluetooth without interruptions; you can also use them as improvised noise protecting plugs. They’re perfect!

3. USB multifunction adapter: perhaps your camera card is full or you need to take a picture of that fellow traveler you just met. A USB multifunction adapter will allow you to connect your devices and transfer data without limits. We recommend an adapter with two USB ports (one standard and one micro) and two sockets for SD and micro SD memory cards. There will be no data you can’t deal with.

4. Universal charging battery of, at least, 10 000 mAh and with connections for all types of devices. USB-C cable, lightning or mini-USB? From your iPhone or Android device to your MP3/MP4 players, tablets, game consoles and much more. You will be covered wherever you are.

the 9 best technological gadgets for your road trip

5. Universal car charger: it will allow you to easily charge any type of batteries simultaneously while traveling. You only have to plug the charger into the cigarette lighter of the car, that’s it. Undoubtedly, one of the most important road trip gadgets.

6. Water and impact-proof case: perhaps not the most convenient, but a good protection for your smartphone is the difference between relax and stress while going on a trip. Avoid that problem with a good case.

Other gadgets for very interesting trips

In these times where technology for travelers becomes increasingly developed, we can come up with some other ideas. They are not the most common and you may not even have heard about them, but you may find them a useful complement depending on the type of trip you have in mind:

7. Universal solar charger: if your road trip goes through sunny places, you can be environmentally friendly and charge your devices at the same time with this gadget.

8. Sun protective and insect repellant T-shirt: incredible as it may seem, this technology exists. These are garments tested against sun rays and insects, designed with really advanced technology. And they work!

9. Multitasking emergency charger: this interesting device connects to the car cigarette lighter and makes it possible to charge your devices. At the same time, it has an integrated blade and a window break system. In case of accident, you will be able to cut the belt and break the glass without difficulty.

All these road trip gadgets will give you a safer, more pleasant and unhurried experience. Go ahead and get one of them: you'll see how much you’ll get out of it!

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