Quality Control Policy

1. Purpose.

The purpose of this Quality Policy is to establish the reference framework that allows the development of tools focused on achieving the highest levels of satisfaction for Centauro Rent a Car clients and partners, through the continuous improvement of the services provided and the means used.

For this reason, Centauro Rent a Car Management has committed to implement, maintain, and continuously improve a Management System based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

Quality of Service is one of the fundamental values of Centauro Rent a Car, with ensuring the best customer experience being one of its main objectives.

2. Scope.

The scope of the Quality Policy, and by extension the Management System, of Centauro Rent a Car, is applicable to all employees and partners of the organisation for the provision of rental services of self-driving vehicles to companies and individuals, in all locations where these services are provided.

3. Main commitments.

Through this Quality Policy, the management of Centauro Rent a Car undertakes to:

  • Analyse the organisational environment to understand client needs in order to adapt to them and ensure their satisfaction.
  • Continuously analyse requirements in terms of the application of new technologies and work methods that have an impact on greater efficiency of our processes, and our improvement.
  • Review and analyse compliance with the objectives and goals of the management system and, where appropriate, establish new objectives that are consistent with this policy.
  • Identify and assess the risks arising from the provision of services.
  • Carry out periodic reviews of both the System and the Policy in order to ensure their correct adaptation.
  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that affect the services offered.
  • Implement a work methodology based on prevention and not correction, aimed at achieving constant improvement and evolution in professional development and services.
  • Ensure that employees have sufficient training and motivation, in order to improve the processes, the workforce itself, and the objectives set.
  • Form a compact, professional, team that is perfectly integrated into the company's philosophy.
  • Address the claims and suggestions of our clients and partners, which will result in improvements with perceivable impact for the end customer.
  • Make the Quality Management System an unwaivable pillar of our conduct.

4. Organisational model of the Quality Management System.

In order to comply with these planned objectives, a Quality management system contained in a Quality, Procedure, and Work Instructions Manual will be made available to all employees, through which the results of the management of the organisation will be documented for periodic analysis by the Quality Committee, in order to ensure continuous improvement.

5. Communication.

This Quality Policy is communicated internally in a way that makes it accessible to all Centauro Rent a Car employees. It is also communicated externally through its publication on the website www.centauro.net in all official languages of the countries in which the services included in the scope are provided.

Diego Villalgordo General Manager Centauro Rent a Car