Quality Control Policy

CENTAURO RENT A CAR management has the responsibility to attain the highest level of quality and therefore establishes a Quality Control Policy that the company must follow and sets the objectives it must reach in accordance to this policy.

This policy’s aim is to ensure the provision of service according to the requirements and needs of its customers and should form part of the company’s culture and should be known and understood by all employees. Therefore, quality objectives are planned and are reviewed and evaluated on a periodic basis by the management. Their effectiveness is measured, and any necessary steps are taken to promote continual improvement.

The CENTAURO Quality Control Policy is based on the following ideals:

  • Reaffirm CENTAURO’s leadership position in the market sector.
  • Have the necessary resources to achieve the planned objectives.
  • Achieve full satisfaction of clients through knowledge of their needs, quality of products and service provided.
  • Meet the Customers’ needs, both legal and procedural.
  • Create an efficient and professional team that is perfectly integrated within the company’s philosophy.
  • Attend to complaints and suggestions of our customers and collaborators which lead to an improvement and whose impact will be perceived by the end customer.
  • Meet established Quality objectives through continual improvement of our operations and processes.
  • Make the Quality Control System a fundamental foundation of our day-to-day business practice.
  • To ensure that our procedures meets with demands and is always compliant with environmental laws and sustainability

In line with this policy, the most significant objectives to attain in the short and medium term are:

  • Increase our customer satisfaction level.
  • Acquire and continue to hold a Quality System Certification by a recognized accredited organization. In this manner, CENTAURO will be able to demonstrate the quality of its products and service to its customers and thereby reach a leadership position in the search for excellence in our service based on the ISO 9001-2015 standard.
  • Attain a highly qualified staff that feels involved in the company’s Quality Control Policy so that all employees meet the proposed objectives and thereby continually improve the Quality system’s main objectives.

Erik Devesa
Centauro Rent A Car