Roadtrip through the 6 most mysterious places in Portugal

Deciding how to spend the spookiest night of the year? We suggest a road trip through Portugal that will freeze the blood of even the bravest. Delve into the scariest locations in Porto, Lisbon, Faro and Madeira and discover the macabre stories that await you.

Driving route through the most mysterious places in Portugal

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Igreja de São Domingos, the cursed church of Lisbon

Do you believe in curses? After hearing this story, you definitely will. This church owes its epithet to the events that took place there on October 19, 1506, when a drought and the black plague ravaged the city. The Catholics and New Christians flocked to the temple for help, but in the end a massacre of New Christians was unleashed. Nearly 4,000 men, women and children lost their lives in the fatal outcome. Ever since, the place has been cursed. Years later the same church suffered a terrible fire that affected only the interior of the church...Could it be a revenge of the New Christians who lost their lives? Many believe that is the case.

Road trip mysterious places Portugal

Ponte das Barcas, Porto

This story, dating back to 1809 during the Napoleonic invasion, tells a tragic tale involving a small bridge which was built on top of boats. The people trying to flee from the invading troops crossed this flimsy bridge which gave way under their feet. The bodies were washed down the river and were not found until weeks later. An estimated 3,000 people perished in the river.

The Capela dos Ossos, Évora, Alentejo

Found in the delightful town of Évora, within the Alentejo region and just two hours from the capital, is the 16th century Chapel of Bones, decorated with more than 5,000 human skulls and bones. Even creepier is the inscription over its main entrance: "We, the bones that are here, await yours.”

Road trip mysterious places Portugal

Palácio de Valenças, Sintra

We can’t forget an unrequited love story on this route through the 6 most mysterious places in Portugal. Walk through the corridors of the Palácio de Valenças and hear the cries of Palmira, a young maid who committed suicide because of her unreciprocated love for the Count of Valenças.

Road trip mysterious places Portugal

Are you still listening? Keep reading for more horror stories in Portugal.

Teatro Lethes, Faro

Make the most of your visit to this city and go to the Teatro Lethes, where a dancer was so overworked that she took her own life. Sit silently in the dark and you will hear the steps of her eternal dance. Do you dare?

Road trip mysterious places Portugal

Capela dos Milagres, Madeira

Exploring Madeira by car will take you to incredibly romantic and mysterious places. In the 16th century, two runaway lovers from Bristol died in a shipwreck in Machico Bay. Their bodies were laid to rest and the Miracles Chapel was built on that very spot. The church was later destroyed when a flood washed it away.

If you love mystery and want to experience a night of terror, this road trip through the most mysterious places in Portugal is for you. Have a frighteningly fun time, #Roadlover!

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