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How to locate the Centauro Rent a Car car hire office at Lisbon/Lisboa Airport

If you have a mobile with connection to internet, the best option is to use Google maps to give you direct instructions from your location.

However, on this page you can download a map with instructions for collection and return of your Hire car.

Opening hours and contact

From Monday to Sunday from 07:00 to 23:00.+351308810777


Av. Severiano Falcão 2
Prior Velho, Lisboa, 2685-378

Latitude: 38,78382
Longitude: -9,12438

Maps & instructions for collection and return

Once you have collected your luggage, come out of the arrivals hall turn right and use the exit by the Vodafone shop to come out of the terminal. Cross the first zebra crossing and here you can wait for the yellow Centauro Rent a Car Shuttle which comes every 10-15 mins.

General information and further assistance from the Centauro Rent a Car car hire office at Lisbon/Lisboa Airport

Road assistance for breakdowns or accidentsPhone number: (+351) 308 810 816

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Information about Centauro Rent a Car car hire company at Lisbon/Lisboa Airport

Hire your car in Lisbon with Centauro Rent a Car and you can travel around the most popular city in Portugal. This Portuguese city has pleasant temperatures all year round and with its rich culture, the history and amazing architecture seen in its buildings together with the immense beauty Lisbon has to offer you for your holiday or short break, there will be plenty to see and do.

Known as the ‘white city’ because of the way the light reflects off of the ‘Tajo’ river, there are plenty of places to visit with your car hire. Do’t miss the ‘Torre de Belém’, the very majestic ‘Arco de la Rua Augusta’ the Zoo or the fantastic Oceanographic (one of the largest in the world).

Here you can also discover the wide variety of different local dishes, breathtaking scenery and of course the famous ‘Fado’ (typical Portuguese singing).

Get your cheap car hire at Lisbon airport with Centauro Rent a Car, where we offer a fleet of cars that are renewed every year so you can drive with complete peace of mind. You can also add to your car hire  other services such as comprehensive insurance without excess, GPS or child seats, etc.,
We are waiting for you at Lisbon airport!

Lisbon/Lisboa - Airport

Car hire types available at Lisbon/Lisboa Airport

At Centauro Rent a Car we offer a wide selection of cars available to hire at Lisbon/Lisboa Airport which is renewed yearly.

Our range of cars at Lisbon/Lisboa Airport includes economical, family, convertibles, automatics, vans, minibuses…

What to see and do and where to visit in Lisbon with your hire car

Lisbon tourist information

In Lisbon you can find the charming historical centre just as any other modern city. It is also the best place to sample some of the local dishes at any one of the many restaurants the city has to offer. Take in the fantastic streets of ‘Alfama’, ‘Baixa`, `’Barrio Alto’, ‘Belem’ or the ‘Parque de las naciones’ and enjoy the local ambience. Lisbon is a charming city in the day, with over 50 museums, medieval architecture, natural landscapes and also a vibrant and bustling nightlife.

panoramic view of Lisbon with castle of San Jorge

Without a doubt we highly recommend a car hire in Lisbon to get the best of what this beautiful city has to offer.

Sporting de Lisboa, Benfica y Os Belenenses 

Football is the most popular sport in Lisbon. The Portuguese  first division, has some of the most important teams in Europe, home to Sporting de Lisboa and Benfica. When you hire a car in Lisbon you can go to either of these stadiums and even take in a match known as the “Derby da Capital” o “O Clássico” (the Classic), a match between these two rival teams. Also worth a mention is the other local team from the district of ‘Lisboeta de Belém, Os Belenenses’

Popular architecture to see with your car rental in Lisbon

The ‘San Jorge’ castle, the ‘Barrio de la Alfama’, Lisbon Carhedral, the ‘Casa dos Bicos’ and the ‘Do Carmo’ Convent are just a few examples of the fantastic medieval architecture which we mentioned at the beginning. With your car hire go and visit  the ‘Belém dos’buildings, classified as a World Heritage Site; the ‘Torre de Belém’ touched by the river ‘Tajo’  or the ‘Jeronimo’ Monastery. In the parish of ‘Belém’ why not see the ‘Belém Palace’ which is the official residence of the President of Portugal.

Throughout the whole of this region you can find some beautiful examples of modern architecture together and with a wide selection of fabulous museums.

tram in Barrio Alto, Lisbon

Beaches in Lisbon and the surrounding areas

The average temperature in Lisbon is around 17 degrees. The fantastic climate together with the refreshing breeze from the Atlantic Ocean during the hot summer months brings the beauty of the surroundings areas for tourists to enjoy its fantastic beaches all year round.

Hire a cheap car in Lisbon and you can get to some amazing beaches with soft sand and crystal clear waters just like any tropical paradise.

From the center of the city you can reach any of these superb beaches in under 30 minutes and where you can also try some of the Portuguese cuisine in the many restaurants of the region.

Lisbon Oceanarium & Zoo

In Lisbon you can also get a close look and learn more about the animal world. Take a visit to the ‘ Parque das Naçõesal`’ with your car hire and visit Europe’s second largest Oceanarium. Here you can find examples of the flora and fauna from the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian & Antartic Oceans.

Also, whether you are travelling or not with children, why not go to the Zoo located in the Portuguese capital and where you can see a variety of animals from every continent which belong to the EEP – European Breeding Program for Endangered Species. This zoo is said to be one of the best in the world.

Arch of Rua Augusta in Plaza del Comercio, Lisbon

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