The best destinations for your Christmas roadtrips

Christmas is just around the corner; undoubtedly one of the best times of year to visit cities such as Barcelona, Mallorca, Milan, Lisbon... The streets are filled with lights, decorations and Christmas markets brimming with sweets and gifts.

Rent-a-car Christmas getaway

Thinking of going on a getaway this Christmas? Keep reading for the best destinations to celebrate your Christmas roadtrip.

Why should you go on a Christmas getaway?

Why not? Every year, an increasing number of people make the most of the festive season to discover how Christmas is celebrated in other parts of the world. You can discover the nativity scene route in Palma de Mallorca with a family roadtrip, or spend the most romantic Christmas Eve in Milan with its Christmas markets. Take note of the ideas we've put together for Christmas:

Spain, a family-filled Christmas

Christmas in Spain is a traditional family affair. Cities are shining with lights, music and traditional decorations such as nativity scenes and Christmas trees. The coastal regions are perfect for a Christmas with mild temperatures; inland, the snow will delight those who are looking for a white Christmas with their loved ones. We suggest the following destinations for your Christmas getaway:

  • Visit the Sagrada Familia markets in Barcelona.
  • Go on the nativity scene route around Mallorca.
  • Live Nativity Scene in Buitrago del Lozoya in Madrid, declared a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest.

Rent-a-car Christmas in Spain

Italy, Mediterranean Christmas in the north of the country

Now that December is here, in Italy, Christmas markets and fairs offering an endless amount of sweets, decorations and gifts start popping up, in particular in the north of the country. Thanks to influences from European countries, Christmas markets are a relatively new thing for Italians, with some rather impressive ones such as:

  • Città dei Balocchi in Como, or commonly known as "The Toy Town", offers unique shows such as "The Magic Light Festival".

  • The German-style Christmas market in Florence.

  • Trento Christmas market and its hundred wooden huts offering the city's best gastronomy and handicrafts.

  • See in the New Year with a fireworks display.

Rent-a-car Christmas in Italy

Portugal, the most traditional Christmas spirit

Visit Portugal to see the religious side of Christmas. If you're heading to the capital, it won't take long to get to Óbidos from Lisbon for one of the country's largest and most picturesque Christmas festivals. Back in Lisbon, you can also visit the Christmas markets in the town hall square and enjoy a show inspired by the advent calendar.

Travelling south, in Monsaraz, a small town in Alentejo that, at Christmas time, transforms its streets into a crib with life-size figures. A fun trip for your family Christmas getaway.

Rent-a-car Christmas in Portugal

Greece, Christmas from 24th December to 8th January

If you want to know how Christmas is celebrated in other countries, Greece is definitely your best option. Christmas in Greece is longer than in other countries. The official dates are from 24th December to 8th January. If you opt to go to Greece on your Christmas getaway, you will be able to enjoy:

  • The traditional Kalandas, through the streets of Thessaloniki.

  • Experience a magical New Year's Eve with fireworks from the Parthenon.

  • The most traditional Christmas gastronomy: yemistí galopúla (stuffed turkey) and gurunópulo (suckling pig).

Made up your mind about where you are going to spend your Christmas? This year, you set the pace of your trip. Enjoy your roadtrip, alone or with whoever you want and turn your Christmas into a new unforgettable experience. We look forward to accompanying you to whatever destinations you have in mind.

Happy Christmas, #Roadlover

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