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What to see and do and where to visit in Milan - Malpensa with your hire car

Airports in Milan - Malpensa

Milan is the second largest city in Italy and has two airports which connect the country; Malpensa & Linate. Malpensa Airport is the most important and with air passenger numbers only being beaten by Rome.

Milan-Malpensa Airport is situated 50 kilometres from Milan, in the province of Varese and forms part of the Parque Lombardo del Valle del Tesino, created in 1974. It has two different terminals which are separated from each other, so it is vital to know which terminal your flights arrives and departs from.

To get to Milan city centre from Malpensa airport, you must take the A8 highway. By hiring a car with us, this is an easy and quick way to reach this amazing city famous for its spectacular fashion. 

Car Hire Milan, Italy

Discover Milan with a rental car

Capital of the Lombardy region and Rome's eternal rival, Milan is one of Italy’s most important cities and known throughout the world. It is one of the country’s main economic engines and a global icon of the fashion world.

The best way to discover this wonderful city? By renting a car in Milan. You can then decide where you want to visit, where to go and what to see all at your own pace and without having to rely on public transport of expensive taxi service.

What to see in Milan

Milan is internationally known for its prestigious fashion shows, however, its history and important works of art also needs to be taken into account.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Car Hire in Milan, Italy

Milan Art

In addition to Da Vinci’s extraordinary work of art ‘The Last Supper’, the city of Milan has several museums and cultural centres that house some of the best art collections in the country. The Pinacoteca di Brera, away from the hustle of the city houses a collection of amazing creations from artists such as Rafael and Caravaggio for you to enjoy.

The history of Milan

We begin with its imposing Cathedral, one of the largest and most spectacular cathedrals in the world which is located in the splendid ‘Plaza del Duomo’ square. The views of the whole of the city from the top of this religious temple are simple incredible.

The Columnas de San Lorenzo (The Columns of San Lorenzo) in front of the beautiful Basilica of the same name, is another example of the rich heritage in Milan, this is a place visited by thousands of tourists and is also the starting point for a night out in Milan.

Hire a Car Italy, Victor Emmanuelle II Gallery

Continuing with this amazing architectural heritage, you cannot go to Milan and not visit the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the most beautiful shopping areas in the world, the lively Plaza de la Scala, the Castillo Sforzesco (Sforzesco Castle), the relaxing Parque Sempione (Sempione Park) or the Teatro alla Scala, which, although not as spectacular as Paris or Vienna is a true temple for lyrical music.

The Piazza Affari, home to the Milan Stock Exchange will be our next stop. Here you can see the controversial sculpture of Cattelan with its enormous hand with its raised finger cannot go unnoticed.

To finish this architectural visit, we will take our rental car in Milan and head to the outskirts of Milan to visit the majestic Cementerio Monumental (Cemetery). Yes, you have read this correct! The Milan cemetery is a real open-air museum where each of the tombs is a true work of art.

Route by Car in Milan, Italy

Fashionable Milan

Back to the city and we put on our best dress to take a walk along the most fashionable streets such as the Montenapoleone & della Spiga, these are undoubtedly the most prestigious shopping areas of the city. You can see some amazing shop windows which also carry some very expensive price tags.

Time for an aperitif

Around the squares that we have mentioned before, there is a whole selection of restaurants and bars where you can taste the famous Cotoletta alla Milanese; a classic dish of saffron-stained risotto with osso buco & panettone, as well as other popular dishes so typical in Italy.

To taste the authentic Italian appetizer, we must go the Navigli area after seven thirty in the evening.  We can enjoy our drink or cocktail (for example the lighter Spritz of the traditional ‘Negroni’ and we can accompany with a panini, some rice, pizzas or cheese among other delights!

Surrounding areas

Now we know the real Milan, we take our car rental in Milan and we set off to see the beautiful lakes around the city of Lake Como, a holiday retreat made famous by personalities such as Napoleon or Da Vinci. The Lake Iseo is also another beauty spot and similar to the landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords.

To make the most of our car rental in Milan, our Italian getaway should also include a visit to some other interesting towns in the country such as Vila Real de Monza or the picturesque and beautiful Bergamo, one of the most enjoyable places in Italy and just 52 kilometres from Milan.

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