Road trip around Santorini Island

Santorini is one of those places that you have to visit at least once in your life. Its whitewashed houses, exotic beaches, and spectacular cliffs make it one of the most visited Greek islands each year. Losing yourself through alleyways and discovering its magical hideaways are just some of the plans that await you in this guide. Are you coming with us on our 3-day road trip around Santorini and its surrounding areas?

3-day road trip around Santorini

Touring Santorini by car

Traveling with your rental car allows you to design a personalized route and lets you enjoy the experience of a road trip on your own terms without the worry of schedules. Centauro Rent a Car has an office at the Santorini Airport, located north of the small town of Kamari, about 10 minutes from the capital, Fira. And that's exactly where our adventure begins.

Day 1: Visit the heart of the capital and the Red Beach near Akrotiri


We start our road trip around Santorini in Fira (or Thira), the capital. Sitting on a cliff’s edge at 850 feet, the city offers views of the submerged volcano over which the island rises. In the morning, stroll through the cobblestone streets where you’ll find shops selling handcrafted goods and artisanal products. Other must-sees are the Archaeological Museum and the Athinios Port where you can hop one of the departing boat trips.


After touring the heart of this island found in the Cyclades, we’ll make our first stop at Akrotiri. Here you’ll find a unique landscape. Have you ever seen a red beach? The color of its sand is due to the volcanic rocks that surround it, creating a spectacular contrast with the turquoise of the sea. Public parking is just a 10 minute walk from the beach. For a perfect end to this first day, we’ll visit the Akrotiri Lighthouse, close to the red beach, to enjoy a famous Santorini sunset.

3-day road trip around Santorini

Day 2: Perissa and Kamari


On the second day of our road trip around Santorini and its surrounding areas, we’ll continue along the route, visiting two coastal towns in the south. Perissa, 8 miles from the capital, is located at the base of the mountain Mesa Vouno. You can enjoy a fantastic day on its black sand beaches formed from volcanic rock. It’s a very touristy area where you’ll find restaurants, parks for the little ones, and water sports. If you’d rather try something else, you can always visit the Museum of Minerals and Fossils.


In the afternoon, there’s no better way to relax than by strolling along the Kamari promenade. You can take pictures, enjoy spectacular views, and find souvenirs in the shops. Before returning to Fira for the night, you can go to Vothonas and visit the Wine Museum, where you’ll learn about the wine making process and the history of one of the largest wineries on the island.

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Day 3: An incredibly volcanic view of the island in Imerovigli and Oia


On our third day we’ll return north, making our first stop in Imerovigli. Considered one of the must-see places to visit in Greece, here we’ll hike the trail to Skaros Rock and the Theoskepasti Chapel, places with incredible views of the caldera. To reach them, we begin at the Church of Agios Georgios. From here, it takes only 20 minutes to reach the top.


To bring the last day to an end, we’ll go to Oia, the most photographed place in Santorini. From the port, you can take boat trips around the caldera, visiting the hot springs on Palea Kameni and the Nea Kameni Volcano. In the evening, take your time snapping shots of the village’s highest points, and enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets in Greece, the perfect end to our 3-day road trip around Santorini.

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Enjoy your own adventure on the Greek island without having to rush or worry about schedules. Your rental car in Santorini will give you the freedom to travel safely and on your own terms.

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