What an SUV is and why it’s a good choice for your #Roadtrip

The make of car you choose when going travelling with your family or friends is very important; it needs to be a compact, lightweight and useful car and one which can hold a large number of passengers. That is why, today, SUVs may be the best choice when organising your #Roadtrip.

Now... what is an SUV?

An SUV is a Sport Utility Vehicle. It’s a car that combines the performance of an all-terrain vehicle with the classic elements of a conventional car. They look like an all-terrain vehicle and offer a great deal of versatility.

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What types of SUV are there?

This type of car offers a lot of versatility, when you compare a small SUV, a medium-sized SUV and a large SUV. Depending on your destination and requirements, one of the above types of SUV is recommended as, each SUV will have a bigger boot, more space for passengers, etc. according to its size.

Advantages of an SUV for a roadtrip

The benefits of renting an SUV in comparison to a conventional car for your upcoming #Roadtrip are certainly quite advantageous:

  • Access to the car: Perfect for older people or if you want to travel with children; SUVs are the perfect height for comfortably putting a baby or small child into the car and, if you have joint problems, they are easy to get into without causing you discomfort or having to bend your spine.

  • Space and height: The SUV is the perfect height for enhanced visibility, the head space is higher than in a conventional car and the windows are more vertical.

  • Comfort: In a conventional car you may have to place your legs under the back of the seat in front of you, while in an SUV you can sit like you would do at home.

  • Possibility of 7 seats: Perfect for organising your #Roadtrip with the whole family; the SUV will allow you to have 7 seats so that you can travel with your family wherever you like.

  • Safety: Although it is certainly true that an SUV is not the same as a conventional car, the passive safety of the vehicle is much greater; in an SUV you will be much safer in any type of crash than in a conventional car.

The best SUVs that you can rent at Centauro

  • Hyundai Kona: Due to its size, fuel economy, safety features and the comfort it offers, this SUV is an excellent compact model for travelling. Perfect for driving in town and on the open road.

  • Seat Arona: This is one of the best SUVs for your #Roadtrip, as its size makes it easy to drive in town or on the open road. It has good fuel economy and safety features that will give the driver peace of mind. It has all the benefits of hiring an SUV for your trip. Furthermore, it has a modern design and advanced technology that makes it extremely attractive and comfortable to drive. Without a shadow of a doubt, this model inspires a great deal of confidence.

  • Kia Stonic: Is a compact and versatile SUV with a very attractive design. This model is very easy to manoeuvre and park, and also offers sufficient space inside. It also has a modern info/entertainment system and offers various options for connectivity, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In short: it is another excellent model for your #Roadtrip

Don’t wait any longer to reserve your rental with Centauro Rent a Car and enjoy the best SUV for your trips to the max, in complete safety and comfort! With our Centauro SUV models you will have complete freedom for getting around without time schedules or constraints, you will be able to explore every corner of your destination and create unforgettable memories. It’s all advantages; enjoy yourself like never before.

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