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Types of rental cars available in Palermo

At Centauro Rent a Car we have a wide-ranging fleet of rental cars in Palermo, which are renewed annually.

Our range of rental cars in Palermo includes budget cars, family cars, convertibles, automatic cars, vans, minibuses...

How to get to the car hire Centauro Rent a Car office at the Palermo aiport

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Via Agnelleria
Carini 90044 PA

Opening times and contact details

From 30th April to 31st October

Monday to Sunday: 07:00 - 23:00

(+39) 0683 662 959

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GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 38°10'43.6"N (38.178783)
Longitude: 13°08'36.3"E (13.143413)

Map and instructions for picking up and returning

Once you have collected your luggage come out of the terminal building using the main exit and cross the road using the zebra crossing. Right in front of the terminal building you can wait for the Centauro Rent a Car Shuttle which comes every 10-15 mins.


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Rent a car in Palermo with Centauro Rent a car and enjoy the safety and confidence offered by a fleet of rental cars that is renewed every year. Add to your reservation any extra you may need in a rental car, GPS, full coverage with no deductible, approved children chairs, etc...

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What to see, do, and visit in Palermo and its surroundings with your rental car.

Palermo Airport - Punta Raisi

It is the Palermo-Punta Raisi Airport, although it can also be called Falcone-Borsellino Airport or Punta Raisi Airport. It takes its name from the place where it is located: Punta Raisi, about 35 kilometers west of Palermo. Get to the city by road easily, via the A29 and E90. It has connections with other important Italian cities such as Rome and Milan, where you may have to stop, although there are direct flights from Madrid.

Car rental in Palermo 

Palermo is the capital of Sicily and its largest city, so driving is a good option if you do not want to miss anything. Palermo is a city full of history and charming places: the Palermo Cathedral, the Palace of the Normans or the Catacombs of the Capuchins are just some of the places that will leave you breathless.

What to see in Palermo

Palermo is a city with a lot to offer,  it already has that air that makes it one of the most interesting and rich cities in the Mediterranean. Enjoy the drive by submerging in the atmosphere of a road traveler, determined to cover every nook and cranny of the island’s capital. Here are our recommendations: 


Historic Palermo and Temples of the city

The Palermo Cathedral, from the 12th century, is one of the must-sees in the city for any traveler, other temples that you cannot miss are the Church of San Cataldo or the Church of the Martorana, where you can see some spectacular Byzantine mosaics.


Palermo Cathedral

Drive around the historic streets of Palermo and see its  open-air monuments,   visit the Vucciria neighborhood and stroll  through its market, drop  by the Piazza Marina, which once was Palermo’s meeting point; the Piazza Vigliena or Quattro Canti, surrounded by four baroque palaces. Fontana Pletoria also awaits you in its homonymous plaza; there you can see countless statues of naked mythological beings.

The Palace of the Normans, built in the 9th century by the Arabs, is also one of the places you can not miss, and today it is the seat of the Sicilian Regional Parliament. However, if you want to see a quaint place, although somewhat grotesque, go visit the Catacombs of the Capuchins, a 15-minutes drive just outside the city. 

Driving route through Palermo and its environs

If you rent a car, you can visit any place of interest without having to rely on public transport, something to take into account considering that Palermo has several attractive places in its surroundings. We  offer you some driving routes.

One of the tours par excellence in the vicinity of the Sicilian capital is Monreale,  located just 30m with your rental car, where you can walk through its streets and see the cathedral built by the Norman King Wilhelm II to compete with the Palermo Cathedral. From there, you can go to Mondello to relax on the beach. Back to Palermo, the Monte Pellegrino Nature Reserve is a must-see, this is a haven of peace where you can walk through nature and forget about the world. It is possible to take a closer look at this natural reserve, since it is only 13 kilometers from Palermo.

If you have more days, you can take your trip to Sicily and visit  Taormina, located three hours away, or  Catania, just  two and a half hours away on the road. 

Monte Pellegrino Reserve and Monreale Palermo beach Car rental
Weather in Palermo 

The climate of Palermo is Mediterranean so, in general, you will find it temperate. However, if you travel in summer, you will probably find it warm, it is better to wear cool and breathable clothing.

Gastronomy: What to eat in Palermo 

Finally, we are going to talk about gastronomy, since it is known that Italian food is one of the most acclaimed in the world. There are some gastronomic spots you can’t miss in this Italian capital.  Palermo food is reminiscent of the cuisine of other Italian regions, pasta and pizza play are prominent. However, the Sicilian capital gives it a distinctive touch, which results in unmistakable dishes. Here are our recommendations: 

  • Taste the arancini, some saffron-covered croquettes stuffed with rice and another ingredient to choose.
  • Try the pasta con le sarde with sardines, fennel, raisins, anchovies, onions and pine nuts.
  • The sfincione is a thick pizza that can be stuffed and covered with cheese, tomato, anchovies, onions and aromatic herbs.

Driving routes are endless, just as what this destination has to offer. What are you waiting to start your road trip?