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Parkingo Ciampino. Via Luigi Bandini
Ciampino RM

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From monday to sunday: 07:00 - 23:00

(+39) 0683 662 959

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Latitude: 41°46'45.7"N (41.779364)
Longitude: 12°36'21.2"E (12.605876)

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What to see, do, and visit in Rome and its environs with your rental car

Rome - Ciampino Airport

Rome’s Ciampino Airport, also known as the Giovanni Battista Pastine Airport, is Rome’s second largest airport for passenger traffic after Roma Fiuminicino Airport, situated near the city.

Its annual passenger volume is high thanks to the low cost airlines that operate there. They include EasyJet and Ryan air with direct flights to the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and other European countries. They have flights to capital cities such as London, Bristol, Liverpool, Lyon, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Malagaamong others..

Car Rental at Rome’s Ciampino Airport

For the best vacation ever, rent your car at Ciampino Airport. It is located just 15 km from Rome, the city on 7 hills. Having your own car gives you the liberty to travel and create your own personal tour of the eternal city. Don’t forget to bring your current international driver’s license with you. Then wander the toll-free secondary roads and highways which will, without a doubt, become part of one of the greatest adventures of your life.

Tourist information for Rome, the Eternal City

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See Rome in 3 days

Rome is one of those places that everyone would like to visit at least once in their lives. And the people who open themselves to its beauty will dream of doing so again. If you have limited days in the city of love, don’t worry. We have prepared a 3-day itinerary that includes its most important sights 

Day 1:  Ancient Rome 

We start our first day in Rome strolling its cobbled streets, enjoying the openness of its people, and the magic and history emanating from its every corner. Our first destination is the  Piazza del Popolo, one of Rome’s main plazas where you can see an authentic  Egyptian obelisk measuring more than 24 meters tall and dedicated to Ramses II. Originally, in 10 B.C. it was located at the Circus Maximus . In this same plaza you will find  the Basilica of Santa María del Popolo, one of the cities most enigmatic churches. Pope Pascual II  ordered it built at Nero’s burial site so as to banish his ghost from the city. It is adorned with works  by Renaissance artists such as Bernini, Caravaggio and Rafael. 

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Our next destination is the beautiful Plazza di Spagna, where the Spanish Embassy is located. It is one of the most emblematic places in the city. More than 135 stairs ascend from Bernini’s work, la Fontana della Barcaccia,  to the Trinità dei Monti, where as many tourists as residents gather for animated conversation.  We continue wandering the streets of Rome until we arrive a the Fontana di Trevi, one of the most enchanting corners of the city. Don’t forget to make a wish, then toss a coin in the fountain so it comes true. But if you would really like to contemplate its authentic beauty, we recommend that you return  for a quiet night time visit free of tourists. 

Now to the Piazza della Rotonda, a relaxed environment with cafes and street artists.  The majestic Pantheon stands out as the best preserved building of ancient Rome. It continues to fascinate visitors with its perfection. It was built in the times of Adriano, and  houses tombs of Italian royalty and artists, including the renaissance master, Rafael. After the Pantheon, we continue our tour to the impressive Piazza Navona, one of the city’s most beautiful plazas. Enjoy a delicious Italian ice cream while you contemplate the magnificent fountains "Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi", "Fontana del Moro" and "Fontana del Nettuno", built by Bernini and Giacomo della Porta in the 17th Century. 

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Walk along the  Via del Corso, a big street more than 1.5 km long, where you can find the most exclusive stores and enjoy some luxury brand retail tourism  in Rome, if you can afford it. 

We’re getting to the end  of our first day in Rome,  and for relaxing there is nothing like visiting the Villa Borghese.   With more than 6 km of green space, it is one of the largest parks in Europe where nature and art are the stars. Stroll among its impressive trees and lakes or  enjoy art at the Galería Borghese, where you can view master works by artists such as Rafael, Tiziano and Caravaggio. If you are traveling with little ones, we recommend renting bicycles or skates to enjoy the outdoors and visit Rome Zoo, It is known as Bioparco, and is also found in this area. 

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Day 2: Discovering Imperial Rome 

After having visited the best known plazas of Rome, as well as some of its most representative monuments, we start our second day touring Imperial Rome. We go into an ancient stone staircase that leads to the Basílica di San Pietro in Vincoli. There we find Michelangelo’s Moses. , It is a master works that despite its artistic value is missed by many travelers because of its hidden access.  From there, we have only a few minutes to walk and we arrive at the imposing Coliseum. One of the most famous of classic antiquities, it has become an icon of Rome. Its mere presence reflects the splendor achieved by the Roman Empire, and the remains of its civilization that live on in the rest of Europe. 

Visiting the interior of the Coliseum is a must for your vacation in Rome. With a capacity of more than  50,000 people the Coliseum has seen innumerable spectacles featuring battles among gladiators, animals and even navies. We recommend that you buy a preferred ticket to avoid long lines. This ticket also provides you with access to the Roman Forum,one of the most impressive places in the world. It’s not difficult to imagine yourself in Classical Rome moving between the Temple of Saturn, the House of the Vestal Virgins and the Palatine Hill. Don’t forget to contemplate the majesty of the Arch of Constantine found between the Coliseum and the Roman Forum. 

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We will finish with Ancient Rome at the Musei Capitolini, the oldest public museum in the world. Here we can find the famous statue of the Capitoline Wolf, the statue of a mounted Marcus Aurelius, and portraits of  Cicero, Augustus and Nero. We continue our walk through Imperial Rome until we arrive at the Piazza Venezia, where we find the lovely monument to Vittorio Emanuele II. We can also see the famous Trajan’s Column, more than 30 meters tall and describing the victories of the emperor in the Dacian Wars.. 

Show your bravery and put your hand in the  Mouth of Truth sculpture, where according to legend, you could lose your hand if you lie. If you want to test the legend’s veracity you will find the Mouth of Truth at the entrance to the Santa Maria in Cosmedin church, very close to Circus Maximus The Circus Maximus is a sand arena that can hold more than 300,000 people. The Romans had chariot races, games, and shows for the public there. 

After an intense day in Rome, we are going to the most lively neighborhood in the city, Trastevere,where you can enjoy the best food in Rome in a unique environment. 

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Día 3: Visit the Vatican, the Vatican Museums and Saint Peter’s Square

We’ve saved the third day of our trip to Rome for discovering the smallest country in Europe. Situated in the heart of Rome, you will find the biggest Catholic church in the world, which without a doubt, houses a large concentration of the world’s treasures.

We will start our itinerary by crossing the Tiber River from Ponte Sant`Angelo. We recommend taking a moment to immortalize your trip and take a photograph of the city from here. Then, we continue to the Castel Sant´Angelo. This ancient fort and mausoleum communicates with the Via della Concilliazione and provides access one of the most beautiful plazas in the world, St. Peter’s Square, built by Bernini with an Egyptian obelisk at the center.

One of the most interesting things to visit is Vatican City’s St. Peter’s Basilica,Catholicism’s most important temple. It is the work of architects like Michelangelo and Bramante, and the place where you can find works of art likeBernini’s Baldachin and Micheal Angelo’s Piedad. Don’t miss the incredible views of Rome to be had from the cupola. If you make an advanced reservation you can also visit the gardens where the Pope’s Palace is found.

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Last but in no way least, we recommend visiting the Vatican Museums. They have one of the largest collections of art in the world. There are Greek and Roman sculptures, Flemish tapestries, and Egyptian sculptures and sarcophagi.

We advise an unhurried visit to the Sistine Chapel. This is the place where the Pope is crowned and itself is one of the Vatican’s greatest works of art. Masters like Botticelli, Michelangelo, Luca and Perugino contributed to the development of the chapel. You will see them in the beautiful frescos that cover the walls and ceiling. The Chapel ceiling is the work of Michelangelo and represents biblical scenes from the genesis, creation of Adam, and the Last Judgment.