Rome Shopping Guide

Preparing your next trip to the eternal city? Discover our urban guide to enjoy all that Rome can offer. You can visit a lot of monuments in the Italian capital city, the best shops and markets where you can shop at your leisure. Find here how to enjoy your urban road trip in Rome!

Rome Shopping Guide

If you are a fashion lover, Rome will be a paradise to enjoy a good shopping trip. Dive into the eternal city and the Italian fashion at our first shopping spot, Discount dell'Alta Moda, a boutique outlet with the latest fashion at the best price that you'll find in Via Gesù e Maria 14, in the ​​Piazza di Spagna area. This place is perfect to enjoy Italian fashion without running through your budget in a single store.

In your Rome shopping route you need to walk some of its main streets, where spending some shopping time will be a pleasure. Take note: **Via Condotti,**Via Margutta and Via del Corso, as well as all the little alleyways in their vicinity. If you prefer to go shopping at the commercial galleries, the Alberto Sordi Gallery is your destination. This gallery dates back to 1922, in there you can find the city’s main brands and designers, they all will do whatever it takes to have their products shown in this renowned gallery. Before leaving the gallery you must visit the La Feltrinelli Bookstore, it is considered the best bookstore in Rome.

Galleria Alberto Sordi Centauro

Activities that will be a must on your Roman trip

Make the most of your Rome Shopping trip to discover all the charms of the city. The Roman Forum,the Colosseum or the Circus Maximus are some of the must-see spots, as well as museums such as the Capitoline Museums or the Borghese Gallery and Museum. On Pincian Hill you will enjoy stunning views of the city and in the well-known Porta Portese market you will enjoy the most quaint and characteristic curios of the city, to complete your purchases.

Immortalize this shopping getaway at Rome with snapshots at key sites. The Trevi Fountain is a mandatory stop for amateur photographers, of course, it’s a very busy place, so it’s better to get up early to avoid the crowds. Don't forget to make a wish by throwing a coin into the water; a night photo of the illuminated Colosseum is a must-have for your photo album and Instagram profile. Other spots we recommend you to visit are the Spanish steps of Trinità dei Monti in Piazza di Spagna and, finally, drop by the Pincio viewpoint to enjoy one of the best Roman sunsets. A spectacular conclusion for your trip.

Rome Shopping Guide

Gadgets to enjoy your city getaway in Rome

Take note of the gadgets that will make your getaway in Rome more manageable:

  • Photo apps for your urban trip: Prepare your smartphone with the best apps to edit your Roman photos. Snapseed will allow you to edit and polish your photos,   VSCO is perfect to add an outstanding finish to your Rome photos and even make some video retouching; Pixlr is great at correcting imperfections really smoothly and  Afterlight  will allow you to edit the image textures like a pro.

  • Portable Battery: You need a portable battery in your backpack to keep all your devices charged and ready when the occasion arises. Your camera will always be ready.

  • Anti-theft backpack: Rome is a very busy city, so we suggest you to be cautious with valuable objects such as your wallet, sunglasses or camera. An anti-theft backpack will give you peace of mind, thanks to its hidden zippers and cut-resistant fabric. 

  • Urban picnic kit: You can enjoy a gastronomic route in Rome or enjoy  a picnic at your leisure.  For that, there’s nothing better than to lie next to your favorite Roman monument , and sip a drink while  enjoying the views of the eternal city before going on  with your route through the city.

Music that inspires you to drive through Rome

Finally, a must-have playlist for this Rome shopping guide. Beyond the sounds of the city, it’s necessary to have an outstanding soundtrack. High Hopes by Paolo Nutini, Happy by Pharrell Williams or Can't Stop by the legendary Red Hot Chilli Peppers will entertain you from beginning to the end.

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