Centauro Rent a Car Greece reviews

At Centauro Rent a Car, we pay special attention to the comments made by our customers in order to constantly improve the value for money of our car hire service.

How do we collect these Greece reviews in Centauro?

The opinions given here have been written by customers that have enjoyed our car hire services in Greece, they are reviews and comments to guide future customers. There are plenty of platforms for people to submit a review, Google and Trustpilot being the most popular. At Centauro Rent a Car we make great efforts to respond on a daily basis to every single review and comment that we receive from our customers. That's our motivation to help improve and provide a better customer service.

Are you going to hire a car in Greece and you want to know more about Centauro? Read the reviews and opinions from the Centauro Rent a Car customers in Greece. 

324 reviews at Athens Airport

Puntuación media (3.2 / 5)  

Efficient and punctual service in Athens airport branch, very good prices. The car was an upgrade, clean and flawless.

 (5 / 5) 

270 reviews at Thessaloniki Airport

Puntuación media (3.6 / 5)  

Very good rental company, good service too. Price is decent also and we had no major issues with the rental service. I would recommend.

 (4 / 5) 

210 reviews at Heraklion Airport - Crete

Puntuación media (3.0 / 5)  

Nice, easy, transparent and reliable. The car was new and very clean. The staff were very courteous and open with all the fees etc. Will definitely recommend and use again. Thank you everyone at Centauro

 (5 / 5) 

140 reviews at Chania Airport - Crete

Puntuación media (3.5 / 5)  

No issues, great team.

 (5 / 5) 



Do I need to leave a deposit?

If you choose the SMART cover then it will not be necessary to leave a deposit because both the vehicle, driver and passengers will be covered as stated in our general rental conditions.

If you decide not to select our SMART cover, then you will need to leave a deposit of between 750€ - 1500€ on your credit card to guarantee the excess to cover for any possible damages. This deposit will depend on the vehicle group that you have chosen for your rental. Please take into account that we must ensure that we are covered for any eventuality. The deposit will be unblocked at the end of your rental if no damages have been registered on the vehicle.


Do I need to pay with a credit card my Centauro Car in Greece?

Yes. You have to pay your car hire with Centauro with a nominative credit card. Remember that If you have prepaid on the web for your vehicle you must use the same credit (Visa/Visa Electron o Mastercard) when picking up the car. We do not accept Debit Cards in Greece.