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Types of rental cars available in Cagliari - Sardinia 

At Centauro Rent a Car we have a wide-ranging fleet of rental cars in Cagliari, Sardinia, which are renewed annually.

Our range of rental cars in Cagliari, Sardinia includes budget cars, family cars, convertibles, automatic cars, vans, minibuses...

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Via G. Nervi, 1
09030 Elmas CA

Opening times and contact details

From 30th April to 31st October

Monday to Sunday: 07:00 - 23:00

(+39) 0683 662 959

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GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 39°16'03.0"N (39.267489)
Longitude: 9°04'35.4"E (9.076502)

Map and instructions for picking up and returning

Once you have collected your luggage come out into the arrivals hall and without leaving the terminal go up to the first floor (departures). Exit the main doors of the terminal and hereyou can wait for the Centauro Rent a Car Shuttle which comes every 10-15 mins.

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Rent a car in Cagliari, Sardinia with Centauro Rent a car and enjoy the safety and confidence offered by a fleet of rental cars that is renewed every year. Add to your reservation any extra you may need in a rental car, GPS, full coverage with no deductible, approved children chairs, etc...

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What to see, do, and visit in Cagliari - Sardinia and its environs with your rental car.

The Airport  of Cagliari  - Sardinia

The Airport of Cagliari in Sardinia  also known as Cagliari-Elmas Airport  is located in the south of the island, in the northwest of its capital (Cagliari). It was inaugurated in 1937 and is dedicated to Mario Mameli. From the airport you can go to the capital (9 kilometers) by renting your car and  driving on the S130 road. This airport offers connections to many important cities in Italy,  such as Milan,  Naples, Olbia, Palermo, Rome-Fiumicino  as well as  European capitals, such as Madrid or Barcelona.

Car hire at Cagliari - Sardinia Airport 

Sardinia is a perfect island to explore with your rental car, you will amaze yourself getting visiting the many hidden corners and natural beauty spots that can be found there, and the most beautiful cities and towns of Sardinia, driving through an exciting route. Also, even though you can use public transportation to visit this region, it is best to drive your own car and enjoy the road trip, since public transportation on the island is not as good as in other regions of Italy.

rent a car in Sardinia
Sardinia Tourist Information

Sardinia is one of the 20 regions of Italy and the country’s third largest. The island has been populated since prehistory, remains of megalithic monuments have been found in it. Since then, many different civilizations have passed through the region, such as the Romans, the Nuragic, the Vandals, the Byzantines and the Goths, among others. For years, the island belonged to the Crown of Aragon and later to Austria, until it was incorporated into Italy in 1861.

It is an island that has archaeological sites and natural formations of great beauty (caves, coves, beaches...) and cities full of tourist attractions, good atmosphere and exquisite cuisine. 

What to see in Sardinia

Without a doubt Cagliari, the capital of the island, is a must-see on this trip. You can visit the historical center, very well preserved and with a lovely atmosphere, and also its old and imposing castle.

If you want to travel to the Middle Ages while visiting important monuments, Alghero is your city. Here you will find beaches, natural parks and cozy bays. Its lighthouse is, in fact, a great touristic spot.

Just 70 km from Alghero, and in the same maritime tradition, you will find Castelsardo. It stands out for its houses of various colors, which contrast with the blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

For places like these it can be said that Sardinia stands out for its historical heritage, do not leave without visiting the site of Barumini and Tharros. The former is near the capital and is perfect to learn more about the Nuragic civilization, the first that inhabited the island. The Tharros site, on the other hand, is an old city that the Phoenicians built, and of which some buildings remain standing. 

car rental in cagliari sardinia
Driving route through Sardinia 

If you have finally decided to rent a car to explore the island, you can visit many towns, cities and beaches to dive into the essence of Sardinia and its most beautiful and spectacular locations. On this route you can visit the Costa Smeralda, La Maddalena Island, Olbia, the city of Nuoro, Cagliari, Oristano, Alghero, the North Coast, the Gold Coast and the impressive South Coast. 

Driving route through the surroundings: natural landscapes of Sardinia

One of the best known and most beautiful places on the island is the Gruta di Neptuno. The water inside the grotto is called Acquasantiera and at its entrance we find the Lamarmora Lake. 

To the east of Sardinia you will find another grotto of equal beauty, the Bue Marino, which has a whole universe of stalagmites and stalactites. You can walk in the grotto and explore the underground river that passes through it. The views are impressive. 

Only about 13 km from this grotto, you can visit the Gennargentu National Park, in the Gulf of Orosei. Famous coves like Gonone, and many other crystal clear beaches await you.

If you are surprised by this natural park, that of the Maddalena Archipelago will impact you. It is formed by 62 islands and small islets bathed by crystal clear waters.

car rental cagliari sardinia
Climate and gastronomy in Sardinia 

The climate of Sardinia, as in the rest of the Mediterranean, is temperate, with humid and temperate winters and hot, long summers. The climate, in general, is not extreme and is perfect to enjoy the coves and beaches of the island, of great quality and astonishing beauty. 

The gastronomy of this region also presents the characteristics of the Mediterranean diet: meat and abundant vegetables and fruit. On the island you can taste typical dishes of the Italian cuisine and some traditional dishes and products of Sardinia, such as cold meats, favata, goat cheese, culurgioni, amaretti and ice cream.