Road trip through the island of Sardinia: from Cagliari to Olbia

If you're looking for a travel plan that won't fail, consider taking a road trip through the island of Sardinia. It’s one of Italy and Europe’s hidden gems, despite being the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily. Beaches with crystal clear waters, ancient cities with charming churches and ruins of Roman constructions, and rich and diverse gastronomy are just some of the attractions that will make you fall in love with every part of this Mediterranean paradise.

To make it easy for you, we have a spectacular itinerary, which in just 5 days, will allow you to enjoy the island completely, from south to north, thanks to your vehicle. Are you ready?

Sardinia: the pearl of the Mediterranean

Sardinia by car is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you can have in the Mediterranean as the island is so well maintained environmentally. However, public transport is quite limited, so having a rental car is a tremendous asset to enjoy both the destination and the trip. The keys will be yours as soon as you arrive, you can use the car whenever you want, and then you return it. It gives you the opportunity to squeeze every last drop out of a destination like Sardinia.

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Route from Cagliari to Olbia

Though there are countless ways to visit Sardinia, travelers tend to agree that it isn’t a destination where you should spend all your time in the cities. Everyone agrees that having the freedom to move from north to south and east to west is key to soaking up all the beauty of the island, a place full of nature, beaches and charming villages.

In Sardinia, there are places like Oristano and Alghero which cannot be missed. Check out this 340-mile road trip that follows Sardinia’s eastern coastline, which is bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Day 1: Cagliari

Cagliari stands out for its marvelous architecture demonstrated by the light-colored houses overlooking the sea, its 13th century Cathedral, and the Castello district, which will leave you speechless.

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Day 2: Quartucciu

Quartucciu is a small enclave near Cagliari, where you can visit attractions as varied as the Roman necropolis or the Chiesa di Sant'Efisio.

Day 3: Colostrai Beach

After two days exploring urban environments, it's time to take a dip in Sardinia’s spectacular waters. There’s nothing better than the gorgeous Colostrai Beach, where its turquoise blue water will refresh you and its secluded location between mountains will make you feel like you're in paradise.

Day 4: Cala Goloritzé

With its famous 469 feet high pinnacle, the emblematic Cala Goloritzé will make your trip to Sardinia an unforgettable experience.

Cagliari, Centauro Rent a Car

Day 5: Olbia

There’s nothing better than spending the last day of the road trip in Olbia. This small town on the Costa Smeralda is noted for its prehistoric dolmens and nuraghes, its Roman and Carthaginian ruins, and its 11th century cathedral.

At Centauro we also have an office at Olbia airport, so you can explore this itinerary in the opposite direction, from north to south. With your Centauro car, you can plan each day as you like, spending time where ever you choose, as you enjoy total freedom since you’re not dependent on public transportation. Experience the island without limits and don't leave any part of Sardinia undiscovered!

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