Collection and return of the car

Collection of the car

  • Once I have arrived at my destination, how can I find the Centauro Rent a Car office to pick up my hire car?

    You can find the instructions for collection on your booking confirmation voucher. You can also view this information on the main page of our website/app under the section ‘Offices’ and then clicking on the office destination you need. Our representative or courtesy shuttle bus will be waiting for you at the location point provided to take you to the Centauro Rent a Car office.

  • What documents do I have to provide to collect the vehicle?
    • Valid Passport or National Identity Card.
    • Driver's license.
    • Credit card in the name of the main driver. For groups S1, S1A, S2, S2A, S3, S3A S4A, S4H, S4AH, S5A, S5AH, S7, S7A, S8, S8A, S9, S9A, you will be required to present two credit cards at the desk as a guarantee to collect your vehicle.
    • Reservation voucher.
  • Will I still have my car available if my flight/train is delayed and I arrive after the office closes?

    Centauro Rent a Car must be provided with a valid flight number or train number so we are aware any delay. If you notify us of a delay, please note that we can only hold your vehicle reservation for a maximum of 12 hours.

    In case of delay, collection of the vehicle can vary depending on location and is as follows:

    Airports and train stations:

    We cannot accept reservations between 23:01hrs and 06:59hrs. If you have a confirmed booking before 23:00hrs and you flight/train is delayed then you must notify the office of the late arrival. Our office can then wait for you until 01:00hrs and provide the car for you at an extra charge of 40€.

  • I’m not coming by plane or train, how can I book?

    If you are not travelling by plane or train and you want to collect the car directly at our office, all you need to do is to click on the box ‘No flight/train or don’t have a flight nº ’ on the reservation page.

    If you are coming by plane, it is very important that you give us your flight number to confirm your arrival time.

  • Can I make my reservation online and collect the vehicle on the same day?

    Yes, you can. For our airport and station offices you need to book at least 1 hour before and 12 hours before for our local offices.

Return of the car

  • I want to return my car when the office is closed. Is that possible? Is there a charge?

    Return of the vehicle outside of the office hours is possible at:

    Alicante Airport: Available at no extra charge, 24hrs a day

    Return outside of office hours is not possible at any other location. 

    Charges may apply if the scheduled return time of the car changes.

  • Can I return the car at a different office? And between islands?

    You may return the vehicle to any Centauro Rent a Car office, provided that you indicate this at the time of making your booking. This service is available with a supplement and the price varies depending on the office of collection and return.

    Note: If the system does not allow you to make the booking between the different locations you have selected, then this means that the reservation is not possible for the locations requested.

    It is not available for groups B2, D2, G2, G3, G4, H, I, P1, P2, P3, P4. In Portugal, this service is also not permitted for groups F6, F7. This service is also not available between mainland and/or between islands/countries.

  • Is there a mileage limitation?

    There is no mileage limitation for reservations up to 29 days inclusive.

    For reservations between 30 & 60 days inclusive we include 100 kilometres per day. Any extra kilometre will be charged at 0’15€.

    For cargo vans, groups L1, L2, L3, M1 there is a limit of 400 kilometres per day. Any extra kilometre will be charged at 0’20€.

  • How can I contact Centauro Rent a Car regarding lost objects?

    Please contact us using the form on our website.  

    Please provide as much information as possible: Booking/Contract  nº, name, dates, lost object etc.,