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Blue Monday Car hire offers

Turn your Blue Monday into a happy holiday

No matter what anyone says, you're the only one in charge of your mood, so it's up to you to get through a sad grey Monday!  Is there a better way of cheering yourself up than by planning all those trips that you're going to take this year?

Brighten up your Blue Monday and book all those #Roadtrips with pick ups until the end of the year with up to 35% discount.

Only if you book this week.

Happy Blue Monday, #Roadlover.

Discount coupon for car hire during Blue Monday

Are you thinking about your next roadtrip? Take advantage of these discounts for your getaways until the 31st December. Book your road trips and rent your car at the best price with this offer. You can take advantage of a great discount on your reservation. Only for reservations this week!

The discounts offered are subject to stock availability at our offices and are only applicable to bookings durations of up to 13 days. Discounts are applied to the basic rental price and does not include any extras. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other.

How can you activate your discount coupon for car hire during Blue Monday? It’s easy, make your reservation on this site.

Blue Monday offers for your car rental getaway with Centauro Rent a Car

Do you know what Blue Monday is? Well, according to the psychologist Chris Arnal, it's the saddest day of the year and typically falls on the third Monday of January. In 2005, this psychologist presented his conclusions to the press and apparently the equation he used took into consideration the weather, the level of debt and the time that had passed since Christmas. As this Monday is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, it was named "Blue Monday". It is widely known that the colour blue in western countries is associated to sadness, that's the reason why "blues" music gets its name from, this is also why the character Sadness from Pixar’s blockbuster hit movie is also blue.

Blue Monday offers car hire centauro rent a car

So... How are you doing this Blue Monday? If you feel a little bit sad, we are here to bring you some happiness to the "saddest day of the year". We are offering you a big discount that will help you organise your road trips in 2022 and that will allow you of course to save some money. Travelling is the best way to live experiences that feed the soul, they bring you lessons you will remember for the rest of your life, experiences that you cannot always get from material things. A road trip is one of those special experiences because it gives you the freedom to visit places that you maybe you could not reach using other kinds of transport. It allows you to travel in your own way, at your own pace, with the people you love, while enjoying the views and the emotion of driving a car that maybe you couldn't have the opportunity to drive before.

When you are looking for a car hire, besides the fact that it needs to fit your budget, it’s also important that it’s from a reliable and experienced company such as Centauro Rent a Car with close to 50 years’ experience, knowing that you can enjoy travelling the roads safely in your rental car. With Centauro Rent a Car, you can choose from over 40,000 vehicles, these include family cars, SUVS, vans, even electric cars distributed among the 40 destinations in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece, and enjoy the peace of mind that our experience in the sector can bring to you.

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Destinations and routes by car for your Blue Monday getaway

Cheer up your Monday and take advantage of this Blue Monday discount on your car hire to plan any of your next getaways. Below you can find some ideas of car routes at our destinations:

car hire on blue monday centauro rent a car

Cheer up your Blue Monday and plan your road trip in Italy

A car route in Italy guarantees a visit to a selection of places to fall in love with and to leave any sadness behind. From our offices located at the airports of Ciampino and Fiumicino in Rome, you can hire your car and get to know the surrounding areas of the imperial city. You can visit the hidden wonders of the Lazio region like Castelli Romani, Cerveteri, Ostia Antica or Tivoli. It's even possible to take a car route and arrive at Siena by travelling through other charming cities such as Perugia, Spello or Cortona, which are about two hours’ drive.

Our offices close to the airports of Milano Malpensa, Bergamo and Pisa open a wide range of possibilities to explore the north of Italy: getting to Genoa or Turin, exploring the Como and Garza Lakes, visiting Verona, the city of Juliet, getting to Venice, reaching the Emilia Romagna region and enjoying Modena, Ferrara or Bologna. One of the most recommended routes is to visit the towns of the Cinque Terre in the Liguria region, you can even think about making a route through Tuscany and enjoy the wonders of Florence.

A car route through Spain helps to fight the Blue Monday sadness

A road trip in Spain is always a guarantee of happiness and joy. The huge variety and diversity of landscapes, regions, climates and cultures makes Spain as several destinations in one. From our offices in Andalusia you will be able to reach all this region: you can hire a car from the airports and train stations of Malaga and Seville and enjoy wonderful urban, nature or even beach destinations. Plans like discovering the Arabic charm of Cordoba or Granada, skiing in Sierra Nevada or chasing the warm the whole year in la Costa del Sol are perfectly possible.

From our offices in the whole Spanish Mediterranean coastal region options are also wide: Murcia, Torrevieja, Alicante, Benidorm, Valencia, Majorca, Ibiza. All these destinations allow you to enjoy the sun and the beach, but if you are able to look beyond you will also find other places full of nature, history and culture. 

Blue Monday offers car hire

It is easy to leave the Blue Monday sadness behind you with a road trip in Portugal

A car hire in Portugal is simply the best way to travel and get to know this country as you can easily get to every single city in just few days. You can start your route from North to South, from our office in the airport of Porto, or from South to North, by starting from the airport of Faro in the Algarve region. If these options are not for you, you can also start your road trip at Lisbon airport. Portugal is such a beautiful country and easy to enjoy every bite of its delicious gastronomy, to be delighted with the melancholy of its cities or with the wilderness of its coasts and beaches. It also boasts surprising architectonical heritage such as the Pena Palace in Sintra or the Bones Chapel in Evora. You can always choose to hire your car on the island of Madeira, an authentic paradise in the Atlantic that must be discovered and where there's no reason for you to ever feel sad!

A road trip in Greece to get rid of that Blue Monday feeling

Our offices in Continental Greece, located close to the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki, gives you the opportunity to begin some amazing car routes through Central Greece and the Peloponnese. You can enjoy the ruins of the ancient Greece in places such as Mycenae, Epidaurus or Nafplio, be delighted with the Mystra’s monasteries, or contemplate the spot where the Olympic Games were born in Olympia. For many people, just spending an afternoon on the cliffs of Meteora will get rid of any sadness you may have kept in from over the years!

Avoid Blue Monday sadness

Take advantage of the special offers of the saddest day of the year, and plan all your road trips at an unbeatable price. It is just a topic to say this, but: life is short. We shouldn’t need to invent days to be sad, it’s much better to organize days to live unforgettable experiences, ones we can remember all our lifetime.

Hire a car in a destination that you have never been to before and get to discover all it has to offer; this is the best plan on a day like this!

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