The 5 best destinations to watch the Blue Moon

Astro-tourism is an increasingly fashionable trend among travelers who want to combine two of their passions: travel and astronomy. Nowadays there are many preferential destinations to contemplate the moon or the stars, to enjoy an untouched sky that inspires a sense of awe. Find here the best places to watch the blue moon.

What is the blue moon?

It is the second full moon in the same month, a phenomenon that occurs every 2 and a half years, approximately. The same term is also used for the third full moon that appears in a season with four full moons.

It is quite an experience to lift your eyes and see if the moon actually has that bluish tone. Although not scientifically proven, and it is believed that it can only take that hue when it has clouds in front of it, many believe the moon has magical properties when it turns bluish.

Where can you watch the blue moon?

Some of the best places to for stargazing are also the most suitable to enjoy this natural phenomenon. All of them are natural spaces, without light pollution of any kind in which, in addition, you have a unique environment.

Where to watch the blue moon

The five best locations in Spain to watch the blue moon

  1. Almadén de la Plata and Puebla de los Infantes, Sevilla. In the Sierra Norte of this Andalusian province there are two natural locations whose night sky quality has been certified by Unesco. If you are planning to contemplate the stars of the Sevillian sky in your next trip, go to the lookouts of Cerro del Hierro and Monte de la Capitana in Guadalcanal, to enjoy an incomparable starry sky. 

  2. Los Montes Natural Park, Malaga. In addition to watching the blue moon a step away from the city of Malaga but in a unique non-polluted natural environment, activities are organized in this natural park to contemplate the stars while sipping a good wine. Go see the best galactic views from the highest viewpoint in Malaga. 

  3. Sierra de la Tramuntana,  Mallorca. This area offers much more than starry and nocturnal skies. Sierra de la Tramuntana has one of the most incredible road routes you can travel in Spain, and has been declared a World Heritage Site. Its sea and mountain landscapes, the variety of trekking activities you can enjoy and its starry night skies make this location the dream of any astrology aficionado. 

  4. La Pedriza, Madrid. It might seem impossible even to see the stars in the capital, but, not far from there, you can watch the blue moon in all its splendor. In the middle of Sierra de Guadarrama, you can go for a stroll under the light of the blue moon, or ride a horse under the stars  while contemplating the source of the Manzanares River.

  5. Aras de los Olmos and Alpuente, Valencia. These two Valencian locations are stellar destinations for astro-tourism, which perfectly combines with its gastronomy and hiking trails. In Aras de los Olmos you can go for a guided tour through its Astronomical Observatory and enjoy incredible views of the  Milky Way and a thousand constellations .

Locations to watch the Blue Moon

Portugal's best locations to watch the blue moon

The Portuguese region of Alentejo, which you can reach driving a rental car from Faro or Lisbon, is the best area of our neighboring country for stargazing and the blue moon phenomenon. After being nominated aStarlight destination, which indicates that its skies are not affected by light pollution, it has become a place of pilgrimage for astro-tourism lovers and is one of the best places on the Peninsula to watch the blue moon.

Italy's best locations to watch the blue moon

The Aosta Valley , in the north of Italy, is one of the favorite places for lovers of stargazing, in the northwestern part of the country. Likewise, the Lombardy and Veneto region also has astronomical observatories like the Palazzo di Brera, in Milan.

Do not miss the opportunity to see the sky like you have never seen it before. The stars at your fingertips and an impressive blue moon above your head. All this is possible if you rent a car and drive with full comfort to the best places that nature offers you to enjoy a wonderful display of nature.

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