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  1. - Smart Driver

    How to pack your suitcase like Marie Kondo

    Because packing is a challenge every time we go on a trip, pay attention to Marie Kondo’s tips on saving luggage space so you can take with you everything you need.

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  2. - Centauro Spirit

    We inaugurate in Greece! From now on Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete at your reach

    Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania and Heraklion (both on the Island of Crete) are the new destinations of Centauro Rent a Car of the Hellenic country. Greece becomes the third international market for the operations of Centauro Rent a Car, which already has a prominent presence in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

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    The best spanish Podcasts for your road trip

    Selection of the best spanish podcasts to enjoy while driving and learn tricks and infallible tips to be a successful professional. Discover the best podcasts for entrepreneurs, healthy habits and online marketing.

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  4. - Roadlovers

    Live the Holy Week in Spain

    Prepare your Holy Week getaway and find here the processions we recommend you to see at least once in your life

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    5 essential apps for travelers

    Take note and prepare your cellphone before leaving home, here are some of the apps we recommend to make the most of your next road trip

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  6. - Drivesafety

    Motor malfunction warnings: Car breakdown symbols and their meaning

    One of drivers’ most frequent doubts is what the car's motor malfunction warnings are and what they mean. The malfunction warning lights in the control panel alert you of any incident and minimize the risks if the car is broken. Read below the meaning of the main motor malfunction warnings you should know for a safe driving.

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