10 tips for a solo road trip

There are different ways to travel and each one is charming in its own way, but a solo trip is one of the best vacation plans we can recommend... Organizing it your way, traveling at your leisure and discovering yourself along the way are just some of the attractions of this kind of travel. Do you dare to go on a solo road trip? Take note!

1. Challenge your own limits

If there is something fun and exciting about traveling alone, it’s to challenge our limits, get off the beaten path and discover real wonders you never imagined. The best way to do this is to rent a car at your destination and feel free to drive wherever the wind takes you.

2. Get involved with the locals

The best way to get to know a country and not feel like a stranger is by interacting with the locals. Of course, avoid conversations about politics or religion, so as not to step on people's toes. You will discover the best food, the best places to visit and who knows, maybe you will even find some new friends.

3. Eat at the city's traditional eating houses

Another way to interact with the locals is to eat where they eat, and engage in conversation with waiters, restaurant owners and local patrons. This is your chance to ask them about their customs and places to visit, this way your trip will be much more interesting.

road trip solo Centauro

4. Change the route and improvise

We know, most of the trips begin with the planning of what to see, where to go... but, what if this time you go on a real adventure? The feeling of not being in control will make you feel free and enjoy the experience to the fullest... Also, carrying the GPS, your smartphone and other gadgets for your road trip, like your universal smartphone charger you will be fully covered.

If you prefer to be cautious when going on your trip , or it is the first time you go on a solo road trip , remember: controlled improvisation and start enjoying traveling by car alone.

5. Sign up for organized routes

It is quite simple to find organized routes with freetours or at travel agencies. This is another excellent way to interact with new people from different countries, or even some of your own country joining your adventure.

6. Discover the city at your own pace

There are plenty of ways to discover a city, off the beaten path. Forget the maps and walk its lesser-known streets, search for less frequented places and discover the other side of the city that can’t be found in travel guides.

7. Save on accommodation expenses

Staying at hotels or sharing an apartment, you decide which direction to go on your solo trip. If you want to save, you can go on a low-cost driving trip and rent a shared room to reduce expenses. It is a great way to find accommodation without spending too much, and you can use your savings, to extend your trip.

Organize your solo trip

8. Practice the language of the country

If you want to learn a language or at least learn the basics, there is no better way to do it than lots of practice. Take advantage of your vacation and interact with the locals in their own language, it is a sign of kindness towards them and surely your trip will be more interesting. If you dare, it’s a good idea to prepare at home the most useful phrases you may need.

9. Stay reachable

It is always good to stay reachable. Share your location with your family at all times. WhatsApp and Skype will be your best allies, and you will make your mother happy.

10. Take on new hobbies in that new destination

This trip is about challenging your own limits and going off the beaten path... Nothing better than having fun finding new hobbies such as kayaking, the adrenaline rush of surfing or a good trekking route in the middle of nature. If you are more of a urban type, a good plan is to carry a camera and let yourself be carried away by the city landscapes. Take the chance to explore new activities that will make you feel alive.

Ready for the adventure? Get ready and enjoy one of the best experiences of going on a trip your way.

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