Surf through Portugal and southern Spain

Surfing is one of the most fun water sports, a perfect opportunity to be in contact with nature and let yourself be carried away by the sea waves, making it a perfect sport for those who have an adventurous spirit. If you are going on a surf trip there are many beaches to choose in Portugal and southern Spain.

Best surfing beaches in the southern side of the peninsula 


  • Costa Verde: you must visit this area on a surfing trip through Portugal, where Praia do Cabedelo stands out, a surfers paradise because of its on-shore wind and good conditions.

  • Praia da Rocha: located in the Algarve, it’s one of the most frequented by tourists and surfers. The best surfing area of ​​the beach is near the pier. 

  • Zavial: in the south of Raposeira, this beach has big waves coming from the northwest and is perfect for surf lovers. 


  • Cabopino Beach: it is one of the best beaches in Marbella and you can’t miss it in a surf trip through Spain. There are many sports schools and, it has a moderate swell.

  • Playa Los Lances: Tarifa is a perfect place to surf, it has strong winds that allow you to practice many maneuvers and tricks.

  • Playa de Yerbabuena: located in Barbate, it is a perfect destination for a surfing trip because the wind blows strong and raises the waves.

Surfing through Portugal and Spain Centauro

Surfers’ accommodation  in the southern side of the peninsula

1. On the Sea Surf School

It’s a surf camp located in front of the El Palmar beach, in Verjer de la Frontera (Cadiz). They offer surf courses throughout the year; the school is located just 10 meters from the sand.

2. 9Pies Surfschool and Surf Camp

Also in Verjer de la Frontera, you can stay in one of its surfhouses, which are next to the beach and the school, with a cool surfer atmosphere, here you will share your experience with other learners.

3. Carcavelos Surf Hostel

Located in Carcavelos (Portugal), it’s a good surf school where you can also stay in shared or private rooms.

4. International Surf School & Camp

Just 200 meters from Tonel beach, in the Algarve, you can stay in this fully equipped surf camp with all the necessary amenities.

Surf trip in Spain and Portugal Centauro

Interesting gadgets for a surf trip

1. Safe lock for your car keys

There are safe locks for you to hook your car key to. It’s a high security lock, easy to use and very sturdy: nobody can steal your keys and you can bathe and surf in peace and with no worries.

2. Neoprene wetsuit dryer

It’s a very useful surf gadget that allows you to dry your neoprene suit in 20 minutes. This way you can go surfing with a dry and warm suit, which will be much more comfortable than wearing it when it is cold and wet.

3. GoPro

You will want to capture the most fascinating and adventurous moments of your surfing trip, so we recommend you get a camera to record everything.

4. Portable shower

Getting out of the water you will be covered by sand and salt, which can be very uncomfortable if you won’t be showering for a while. So, because many beaches have no showers, it would be best to bring your own.

As you see, a surfing trip is possible in the Iberian Peninsula, as there are many beaches where you can surf in Spain and Portugal. We hope these recommendations about beaches, accommodations and useful gadgets for your trip have helped you to organize your next getaway.

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