Prepare your next family trip route

Are you a family who likes exploring? If so, we recommend you the experience of going on a road trip together. Here are some tips for you to be fully prepared for your next family driving route.

1. Gadgets that can’t be missing in your family #Roadtrip

In your preparation for a family getaway it’s essential that you think very carefully what to pack. Find here our list of essentials.

  • Laundry Backpacks: One of the best family road trip preparation tips we can give is to carry everything you need make do in the car. In this sense, laundry backpacks are one of those ideal inventions to wash the kids’ clothes that get dirty during the trip. Furthermore, they hardly occupy any space in the car.

  • Tripods to take family photos:  We all love to remember those family moments  once we are back home, although sometimes someone is missing from our trip photos because they stay behind the camera. If you want to have the best family photo album, meaning that all of you show up in the pictures, we recommend you to  get a light and easy-to-carry tripod, which will also allow you to make panoramic photos and photos of moving water. 

  • Bluetooth speaker: The wireless speakers are perfect to enjoy the best music in your getaways, for swimming pool time, or when making stops or having outdoor picnics. 

  • Tablets:  There is nothing better to keep the kids entertained than to bring their tablet with you in the car.  We recommend you to be prepared and  download some games and exclusive apps for them, we’ll give you some ideas later. 

  • Portable picnic table: If you want to enjoy a great meal anywhere, you will have the problem solved by using a portable picnic table. Neatly pack the kitchenware, tablecloth and everything you will need, so you can make a stop on the road and enjoy the best landscapes on your driving route. 

  • Car power inverter:  It is highly recommended if you want to use any electrical device without having to leave the car.  

Family car route

2. This is a must when packing your suitcase

We’ve all been there, we left home with our suitcase ready for all kinds of incidents and in the middle of the road we realize something is missing that we should have taken, even if it was not so obvious at the time. This suitcase will help you avoid unpleasant surprises:

  • First aid kit: A small kit with gauze and bandages, band aid, disinfectant wipes and soap, paracetamol, cold bags and a first aid manual can get you out of troubles.

  • Mosquito repellent for children:  Mosquitoes can ruin the trip for the kids. Don’t forget to include one in the suitcase.

  • Backpack:  Nothing like a good backpack for your trips. Look for one that is really ergonomic and lightweight.

  • Their favorite doll:  Don’t forget to bring their favorite doll, if it’s still their faithful companion. It will be perfect for when they feel sad, angry or for bedtime.

Family car trip

3. Apps to travel with children

It's great that the children marvel at the landscapes of your road trip, but we know it's not always the case and sometimes they can get restless. If you want your children to be entertained during the whole trip or you want to find the right places to visit with them, there’s nothing like downloading some apps on your tablet:

  • I spy with Lola: A fun game where children have to find hidden objects. A very nice game that will keep children entertained thanks to their animations and music.

  • The CreAPPCuentos: For children to create their own interactive stories in just a few minutes. A game that stimulates imagination and creativity.

  • Code Hour: For children to learn how to program in a very simple way while playing the game. In this application, kids have to complete puzzles until a robot turns on the bulb. There are up to 20 difficulty levels.

Another application we recommend when planning a trip with children is Yuggler, it is very useful to arranging the most appropriate places in the area to visit with children. The most interesting thing about this game is that it’s based on other parents’ experience, so surely you will find great ideas for your next adventure with the kids.

4. Travel movies

"The Goonies", "Vacaciones" or "Runaway Vacation" are three movies that will undoubtedly make you enjoy the values ​​of traveling as a family and help you get in "vacation" mode for your next family driving trip. Don’t hesitate to go on a family road trip... it will be an unforgettable experience!

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