How to pack your suitcase like Marie Kondo

Packing our suitcase is a challenge every time we go on a trip. Luckily for us, Marie Kondo - a young Japanese woman whose message is that tidying is for everybody - is teaching a different way of packing a suitcase, both for business and your holiday trips. Do you want to find out how to pack your bags when going on a trip?

The Marie Kondo suitcase: tidy, first and foremost

First, consider the trip you are planning, and do not forget that your suitcase’s available space is limited. Use these ideas to start preparing your luggage.

  • Only the essential: To tidy up your luggage, the first thing you must do is avoid excessive accumulation of clothes. How many times do you change your shirt in a normal week? Why do you think you need ten shirts and four jackets for a four-day trip?

  • Organize by type of garment: Instead of putting clothes by size in the suitcase, group them by types on your bed. This will make it easier to count how many pieces you are taking and reach the right conclusion.

  • Stop with the "What if...?": While it is true that anything can happen during your trip, do you really need to carry one piece of clothing for every weather? Don’t they sell umbrellas or clothes where you are going?

Packing your suitcase, best tricks

In general, or “as it has always been done” as your mother would say, clothes are folded and put in the suitcase direct, but this way you will fill it with just four pieces, especially if you are packing your suitcase to fly with low-cost airlines. Avoid problems:

  1. Roll your clothes: Do it carefully and very tight to occupy as little space as possible. It will be easier for you to pick up the piece you are going to wear without having to remove all the others.

  2. Zip-lock toiletry bagsor air-tight for various items. They are perfect for your shoes and cosmetic items.

  3. Put your items in the suitcase in this order:

  4. The shoes: One bag for each pair, and the socks inside. Place them on the bottom of the suitcase.

  5. Toiletries: Use pots with security lock. A toiletry bag is more than enough.

  6. Underwear and accessories: Use one toiletry bag for each type of object. Chains must always be stored with their clasp fastened, to keep them untangled.

  7. Clothing: Always rolled and placed in parallel. Group by type of clothing (outdoors, beach, etc.). The idea is build up a “shelf” to pick and choose what you need easily.

  8. Delicate garments : Use the side bag of the suitcase. If you do not carry delicates, use this part of the suitcase for the toiletry bags.

preparar maleta vacaciones konmari

If you carry cell phone chargers, headsets, portable batteries and so on, it is better to use a separate bag, to help you go through checkpoints and them at hand when you need them.

We hope we have helped you learn Marie Kondo’s best tricks for saving space in your suitcase. Surely now you know how to pack and are already thinking about booking your next trip. Remember that with the technique you just learned you will enjoy your vacations as never before, not carrying clothes that you never wear. What’s your next destination? We’ll see each other on the road!

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