Getaway in sight: How to prepare your next urban road trip

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Nothing compares to preparing your car and going out in search of a new adventures on the road. We inspire you to live new journeys  off the beaten path, although a little planning in advance never hurts. Here are some arrangements for you feel in your element in your next urban getaway. 

Gadgets that you cannot miss in your urban #Roadtrip

1. Traveler’s backpack

Do not forget a good backpack for your next urban getaway, it is one of those  essentials to go on your trip with comfort. Choose one with an anti-theft lock, with a MP3/smartphone compartment and multiple pockets to organize everything perfectly.

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2. Multi-adapter travel plug

Wherever you go, a multi-adapter plug is highly recommended so you can plug your electrical devices anywhere in the world. Besides the adapter type, do not forget to check the voltage.

3. Tripods for solo photography

If you travel alone and you like photography, you don’t have to give up on taking some first-rate photos of your trip. Solution? You need a tripod. Look for one that suits all types of cameras and surfaces, and is lightweight to carry.

4. Car power inverter

Getting a car inverter will make you feel almost at home, nothing is amiss.  With this device you can plug your laptop or any other electronic device as if you were at home. The 12V 220V is the most common type. Choose one that includes a good fuse to prevent overvoltage and a cooling fan.

5. Luggage tracker

One of the biggest fears when you go on a trip is to lose your luggage, with this device it will be impossible for an airline to lose, or misplace your suitcase. The baggage tracker will find your bag at all times and will even send you an alert if it has been opened. 

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6. This is a must when packing your suitcase

If you are travelling alone, do not forget to pack: A travel organizer for suitcases; a first aid kit; a portable picnic blanket, takes up very little space and can always come in handy; waterproof bags to carry your items on your trips and a microfiber towel, which weighs less and also takes up less space.

Smartphone apps

  • Triplt: prepare your trip step by step. It helps you find the flights that interest you the most, rent cars, book restaurants and accommodation, maps, weather forecast of the places you are going to visit and much more.

  • World Around me: never get lost. It will let you know exactly where you are, find places around you, like restaurants, hotels, gas stations... In addition, it helps you find more detailed information about any shop you like, its schedules, services, and so on.
  • Wi-Fi Space: get Wi-Fi connection 24/7, this app helps you find Wi-Fi spots in the city where you are. A great idea to save money on mobile telephone charges during the trip.

And finally, do not forget:

  • Google Translate and Duolingo, so that languages are not an obstacle for you.
  • XE Currency Converter, this free currency converter will allow you to calculate the exchange rate of all types of currencies in real time.
  • FlightAware, to find all the information of any airport or airline.
  • Kindle, for book lovers. 

Travel movies

Ready to start tuning in with your adventurous spirit before leaving in search of your trip? Here are some movies we recommend: Under the Tuscan sun, Roman Holiday, Y tu mamá también  or the Bridget Jones Diary. 

Prepare your urban driving route and let the adventure begin!

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