Most common car repairs

There are good habits that will help your car have a long life, and will help you have a good driving experience behind the wheel. Timely car repairs on time are important to ensure proper functioning and to be fully covered at all times. Here are some tips on how to take care of your car and be prepared for the repairs it may require, so you have it always ready for your next trip.

1. Taking care of your car

Our first tip is that you shouldn’t skip its annual checkup at your trusted workshop service; this will ensure that you keep your car in optimal maintenance conditions. This, together with good driving habits, will help you avoid car breakdowns as much as possible. Pay attention to the following tips:

  • Check the fluid levels and the condition of lights, brakes and tires.

  • Drive gently.

  • Keep your safety distance (even when passing another vehicle).

  • Do not run the engine above the rated speed.

Follow these tips for car care and to prevent potential breakdowns.

Usual car repairs

2. The most common car repairs

Giving maintenance to your car once a year will help you keep it in optimal and safe conditions for a hassle-free trip. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to learn about some of the most frequent breakdowns, which are those that affect the parts detailed below:

2.1 Clutch Kit

Replacement of the clutch kit is one of the most frequent repairs, since continued use of the car can lead to wear. The clutch is essential to change gears, which in turn let us drive easily and efficiently. Therefore, we must ensure the clutch kit properly maintained, otherwise our car may experience some instability in case of malfunction in transmission of engine power to the gearbox.

These power reductions are especially noticeable when driving on a steep terrain, and with excessive revolutions on our gear change.

2.2 Brake pads

The brake pads provide an effective friction capacity in your vehicle when braking. They don’t get damaged due to misuse as much as due to the passage of time, so we advise you to change them every 10,000 kilometers and check them periodically. Watch out for activity of your car’s brake light, and loud noises when braking, which would indicate it’s time to visit the workshop.

2.3  Distribution kit

The distribution kit is fundamental for the proper functioning of the car. If a part fails, the entire system can be damaged and the engine may be affected. Be ready to replace it if you hear noises coming from it, or if the car doesn’t start at the first attempt.

Car repairs

2.4 Conveyor belt

It is the main piece of the distribution kit, and it is expensive to repair. It interconnects the camshaft with the crankshaft, so it will be key for the engine to function properly. There’s no way to guess when it’s going to break, so out advice is to change it as a precaution either every 80,000 kilometers, or every five years. Do it also if you experience vibrations, transmission-related noises or a troubled start-up.

2.5 Change of flywheel

This circular piece close to the gearbox is usually damaged when the clutch is used incorrectly. A malfunction will cause troubles to start-up and to absorption of motor vibrations. Replace it when you experience noises and vibrations in the clutch pedal, or trouble changing gears.

In short, car repairs are necessary for its proper operation, so we recommend you to adopt good driving habits to prevent them, also to make the necessary repairs on time, to always drive with the greatest safety.

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