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If you are a faithful lover of live music and passionate aboutmusic festivals you should already be getting your car’s trunk ready for your next musical trip. The summer and its festivals are here, don't  miss the chance,  the route awaits you.

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A trip to a music festival is amazing, but getting in the car with a few friends  to go listen to live music by some of your favorite bands is an experience you will surely not forget. Now you know who’s playing, where the stages are,  which bands will play in each of them  and the concerts you can’t miss... but, before hitting the road, you must carefully prepare those days of live music. Don’t miss any details.

Gadgets for your musical getaway

If you have already been to a festival surely you have your backpack ready, but check this before leaving: a list of gadgets that you can’t miss:

1) Festival campsites usually are lacking in plugs, so it’s important that you carry a good external battery so you can charge your smartphone wherever you are. 

2) If the external battery doesn’t last for the entire festival, solar chargers may come in handy in this situation. 

3)  Everyone who has been in a festival knows how difficult it is to have a hot shower. Therefore, a portable solar showercan make you the envy of the entire campsite.

4) You may not believe it, but in this type of festivals there’s also idle time, and a good way to use it may be playing music on a high quality Bluetooth speaker to warm up before the concerts. 

Specific travel apps for music lovers

Mobile apps can be a great ally for a #roadlover #musicontheroad and much more for this type of trip. Here are a few that yo need to upload to your smartphone:

1) Sofar Sounds. It’s like a gig, but this  is the charm of this application for  aficionados of intimate, low-key gigs . You won’t see who’s playing the gig until 36 hours before it even begins, the singer you’ll find out when you get there. Exciting, isn’t it?

2) Shazam. It’s no secret, but if you have not yet downloaded this app and you are going to a festival this summer you  should consider it. When you find a new song and you know nothing about the band on the stage or  the number they are playing, you won’t regret having this app on your smartphone. 

3) Qello Concerts. They say it’s 'the Netflix of concerts'. If you think that the good bands are those that sound best when playing live, this app will be a must on your smartphone. 

4) Qobuz.  Everyone knows Spotify, but very few know one of its main competitors. Its music streaming has the best sound quality in the market. 

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Essentials for your festival suitcase

If gadgets and apps are important when going to a music festival, the clothes you packin your suitcase are equally important. You must pack a light backpack (like a drawstring bag) or a belt pouch to safely carry  everything you need . Also, a pair of closed-toe and off-road sports shoes are usually a good idea. One last tip? Buy yourself some good sleeping earplugs; surely you will have to sleep somewhere close to the stage and, it doesn’t matter how a hardline festival-goer you think you are, you will need to rest and replenish your energy for the next day. 

Movies and books that can inspire you

Waiting until it’s time to go can take forever, so here you have some movies and books to inspire and start warming up. Among the perfect movies to get on the festival mood we suggest: Almost Famous (2000), Woodstock (1970) and Just a Little Chemistry (2015). Among the mandatory pre-concert bibliography you have: High fidelity (Nick Hornby), Siguiendo mi camino (Mauricio Wiesenthal) and Things the Grandchildren Should Know (Mark Oliver Everett).

Now everything is ready. With all this you are more than ready for your festival trip, you just have to enjoy live music and not worry about anything else. 

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