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Car hire deals World Internet Day

Discount coupon for car hire on the Internet Week

Are you looking for a discount on car hire for World Internet Day? You've come to the right place. Enjoy up to 30% discount on the price of your car hire. Just book from the link.

Prices and discounts for Internet Day apply only to the rental price and will be valid for bookings made before the 19th May 2024, and on pick-ups until the 31st August 2024. Discounts are subject to availability at each branch and may only be applied to bookings of up to 13 days. The discount cannot be combined with other promotions.

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Discount Centauro Rent a Car World Internet Day 2024

Do you know why World Internet Day is celebrated on May 17th? It is a fairly recent celebration that took place for the first time on October 25, 2005, and it was such a success that it was proposed that UN set an official date on May 17th. Currently, it is celebrated worldwide every year with the aim of promoting the importance of the use of Information and Communication Technologies. 

Centauro Rent a Car is a company closely linked to the Internet, since technological innovation has been one of the company’s highest priorities ever since its founding in 1973. In 1998 we launched our e-commerce at a key moment when many rent-a-car customers went from making reservations by phone or through travel agencies, to managing them by themselves from their computers. Something that is so ordinary today was an enormous breakthrough back then.  

For all these years, the company has made every effort to improve the customer experience on the web, opting for a simpler and more intuitive page that can be viewed from any device and that connects with the user to make booking of vehicles and their associated services as easy as possible.  

At Centauro, we would like you to be able to celebrate this day with us by treating yourself to a getaway in style. Use your discount for car hire on World Internet Day by booking on our website.

Destinations and road trip itineraries for your getaway on World Internet Day

The celebration of World Internet Day is a perfect occasion to plan your road trip from any of our destinations in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Internet is part of our daily life and can accompany us anywhere in the world, which is why it has become the best companion on any trip. It guides you, advises you and above all makes it easy for you to book your rental car for getaways. In addition, in the Smart Driver section of our blog, we offer you the best content on how to use new technologies for driving and car hire.

Below we recommend to you some options for car itineraries so that you can get ready to relax and unwind. These are sure to be places where you will have no need to connect to the Internet. Keep on reading! 

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You are just a click away from your getaway to Spain

What is there left to say about Spain as a destination for a road trip? It is a multifaceted country: from north to south, and from east to west, it offers you infinite contrasts between its villages, cities, and landscapes, and their customs, cuisine and culture.  

You have numerous options for your trip. You can rent your car at our offices in Madrid on Barcelona, which are conveniently located at the airports and train stations. Or choose among our offices Andalusia (Seville and Malaga) or at various locations along the entire Mediterranean coast (Murcia, Torrevieja, Alicante, Benidorm, Valencia). We are also present in Palma de Majorca and Ibiza.  

Prepare your road trip through Spain carefully: you won’t want to miss any of the important spots. It's well worthwhile. 

Take a break from all your stress now with a road trip through Portugal. 

Portugal offers countless advantages for travelling by car. It is a small country that can easily be covered in its entirety in a period of 7-10 days and where you will discover spectacular attractions.  

You can start your trip in Porto, Lisbon or Faro: in the north, center or south of the country, at your convenience. And if you would prefer a getaway with a more tropical flavor, the island of Madeira will take your breath away as you discover all its hidden treasures. 

World internet day car hire deals

Take a getaway to Italy, and it will surely become one of your fondest memories

In a country like Italy you will forget that the Internet exists. No matter whether you choose to visit its beautiful cities, steep yourself the charm of its villages and landscapes, or enjoy the natural beauty of its unspoiled islands. Italy is passion, the country of romance, a world of flavors with a unsurpassed cuisine.  

There are many locations to choose from to hire a car for your trip. We have offices at the Ciampino and Fiumicino airports in Rome, at Malpensa airport in Milan, and also in Bergamo and Pisa. We are also present in Sardinia (Cagliari and Olbia) and Sicily (Palermo and Catania). Are you sure about where to take your road trip? 

Greece will leave you with unforgettable memories of an unsurpassed destination 

In Greece you can make three trips in one. From enjoying the vestiges of what was the cradle of western civilization, to delighting yourself with landscapes and beaches that will take your breath away.  

Centauro allows you to start your trip either in mainland Greece, from Athens or Thessaloniki, or from some of the most spectacular islands of the Mediterranean, Crete (Heraklion or Chania) or Santorini.  

Enjoy World Internet Day away from home

Get out there and see first-hand all those spectacular destinations that you've seen on screen. Take advantage of our World Internet Day car hire deal and buckle up for a new experience that you are sure to enjoy. Book now and don't miss your chance to travel in any style your prefer with a Centauro car. We are waiting for you #OnTheRoad! 

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