5 of the best romantic destinations for a perfect Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with it one of the most romantic weekends of the year. If you want to surprise your loved one with a special & romantic getaway then take note as we have prepared a list of five of the most romantic destinations to celebrate a perfect Valentine’s Day.


Paris, the city of love, is a city that has witnessed some of the most passionate kisses and promises of eternal love. Where romance is concerned, the French capital tops the list of the most popular. There is nothing like enjoying a delicious coffee on a Parisian terrace or a walk around the Pont des Arts on the banks of the river Seine, you can even enjoy dinner in the romantic Le Jules-Verne restaurant at the Eiffel Tower.

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The medieval city of Bruges is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Fairytale bridges, beautiful lakes and the picturesque old town offers delightful scenes that make the city even more magical at night-time when the lights warm this charming and romantic city.

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Our list of romantic destinations for Valentines would not be complete if we did not include the city made famous by the story of Romeo & Juliette. From the moment that Shakespeare recreated the torrid romance on the streets of Verona, this beautiful Italian city has become a symbol of love. The balcony where the daughter if the Capuleto family stood is an essential visit for any couple in love.

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Budapest is one of the most spectacular cities of the old continent. Its impressive historical heritage shines when night falls; the Parliament, the Castle the emblematic Chain bridge light up and you can enjoy the stunning beauty this city has to offer. Take a romantic dinner on a boat along the Danube and discover the charm and character of this interesting city.

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The exotic city of St. Petersburg is a fabulous option to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day. The most imperial city of the country of the Tsars offers a magical setting to unleash your passion. Take in a visit to the monuments and the important Hermitage museum to get to know their history. Enjoy a walk through its streets or take a boat trip along the river Nevá; an experience to appreciate the beautiful architecture of the city that will amaze you in every sense.

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