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    How to take care of your car to avoid breakdowns

    We all want our travel companion to be with us for a long time. Today we tell you about the most common breakdowns and how to avoid them so that your car continues to share your adventures at the wheel.

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    Tips for planning your road trip

    Are you finally going on a holiday with your car? Follow our TOP of infallible tips to plan your road trip so that everything goes smoothly

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    How to take advantage of the space in the boot of your car

    The boot always tends to end up full of things and, in many cases, we don´t even know how they ended up there! We offer you a few tips to avoid that chaos in the boot of your car, so you have room for all those really useful things.

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    Driving in the winter with rain, wind & snow

    The winter is here and that means bad weather. Driving under adverse weather conditions requires additional precautions for your journeys. To follow we offer some tips for driving with the rain, wind or snow.

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    How to appeal a parking fine in Spain

    Have you ever had a parking ticket and you think it is unfair? Don’t worry take note of these tips on how to appeal a parking fine if you are in Spain.

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    Portugal motorway tips

    Discover with Centauro Rent a Car how the Portuguese motorways work and the way to enjoy your car rental hassle free in Portugal.

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