What documents you must have in your car to avoid incurring a fine in Spain

We all, at some time wonder if we are carrying the correct documentation in our car and if we could be missing anything that could incur a fine if we are stopped by the police in Spain.

Here we are going to help you to make sure that you have the all the right documentation in your vehicle whether it is for a short journey, business trip or your long awaited holidays.

What documents should I have in the car?

  1. Personal documents:  Your driving license or a provisional license issued by the authorities. Make sure that you license is still valid and has not expired and also that it has the correct home address,

  2. Vehicle documentation: It is imperative that all the documentation is up to date.  The Vehicle registration card. Also the technical inspection card if applicable to your vehicle and up-to-date.

  3. Recommended documentation: Although it is not necessary, we recommend that you carry your insurance policy, payment receipt and vehicle tax. Nowadays, the police have automated systems for them to check this information in an instance, but carry it just in case.

Documents you must have in your car to avoid incurring a fine

How to avoid fines with your vehicle documentation:

  • Make sure that your driving license and ID are valid and have the same address.

  • Always carry original documents, or a certified photocopy. Carry them in a plastic folder to avoid any damage.

  • If you have a foreign driving licence, exchange this for your country of residence with the local authorities.

Lastly, we recommend that you carry an accident report form, or pen & paper so that in the unlikely event of an accident you can note down all the details.

Having the correct papers in your car will not only give you peace of mind in the event of an accident, but if you happen to be stopped by the Police but you carry all the necessary documentation this can prevent you from having a hefty fine.

Documents for your car

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