How to drive through a waterspout

Rain is one of the climatic events that can surprise us on the road and make driving difficult. This is why we give you these tips for safe driving under the rain, especially if you catch a downpour while driving your car.

Practical advice for driving under the rain

When driving under the rain, pay attention to the official weather bulletins, radio can provide you with useful real-time information. This way you will be informed of the last news and, if there is an emergency caused by heavy rains, you will be able to avoid the affected area.

Tips on how to drive through a waterspout

How to drive through a waterspout?

If you must drive under the rain and it suddenly gets too heavy, follow these specialist tips:

  • If you can, drive on main roads and highways.

  • Reduce the speed, take your precautions and do not stop the vehicle in flooded areas. Avoid areas near rivers or street intersections that may carry lots of water. 

  • Do not park your vehicle near rivers, reservoirs or places prone to floods.

  • Avoid crossing, either on foot or driving, any flooded area, since if there is no visibility you may not see what is going on under the water.

How to get out of the car during a storm?

If your car is immobilized and engulfed in water, you must get out as soon as possible. Learn how to do it in case the shower catches you driving :

  • If the water doesn’t let you open the doors, break the door or rear window with a kick,  be careful with the glass shreds. Never hit the windshield. 

  • If that doesn’t work, use an object such as a hammer or heels to break the glass.

  • You can also try to break the glass with the seats’ headrest. Pull them off the seat and use the iron sticks to break the glass, while you protect yourself with some garment so as not to cut yourself with the shreds. 

How to drive safely through a waterspout

How to get safe? 

  • If you manage to park your car: If possible, try to park in a safe area, away from rivers and estuaries, and get out cautiously, looking for objects you can cling on when crossing to a safe area. Climb to the highest place you can.

  • If the water surrounds your car, do not hesitate and climb to the roof of the vehicle and call the emergency services for help.

  • Remember that if your car is caught in a flood, you must not try to save the vehicle. To save yourself is a priority then, you should not put your own life at risk. 

In these situations, first of all, remember to stay calm, so you can react quickly and safely as soon as possible.

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