What to do if your car breaks down on the road

We have all asked ourselves what should we do if our car breaks down on the road. Our first recommendation is to do everything possible to avoid breakdowns with maintenance and periodic mechanic checks to your car, thus reducing the chances of finding yourself in this situation. If, after all, it is necessary, it is always good to have some guidance on how to react calmly and with prudence.

What to do if your car breaks down

Usually a broken car will alert you beforehand. Before pulling off, it is very common to notice that something unusual is happening, because of cues such as noise, steam coming out of the engine, car stutter or, if your tires are punctured punctures, the car pulling to the sides.

All this gives you a response time that you need to know how to take advantage of, calmly but without delay. Do not forget that there are breakdowns that may be aggravated by continued driving, but rushed reactions will not improve the situation.

What to do if your car breaks down on the road

Find here some advice to consider when you face breakdowns on the road.

1. Be alert to the environment and circulation

Being alert to the environment will help you locate the places where it is most convenient to pull off. At the same time, it is important that you visualize the circulation and proximity of other vehicles that may be affected by your actions.

2. Indicate your manoeuvres in advance.

Sometimes, the urgency to act overcomes the necessary prudence and we forget basic precautions such as indicating our maneuver. Knowing how to act when experiencing a car breakdown means paying special attention to this, since normally your driving pace will have changed suddenly and the vehicles coming from behind may not fully understand your situation.

3. Park in a safe place

Usually on highways, motorways and national roads, there are wide road shoulders, although if you can reach a resting area or a more open area please proceed and stay there.

4. Make yourself visible

Before stepping out of the car it is important that you make yourself visible, turning on the emergency indicators and car lights if necessary. It is also mandatory that you make yourself visible by putting on the vest that we recommend to keep inside the vehicle and not in the trunk.

5. Indicate the hazard

Now you need to place the mandatory emergency triangles as signposts for the vehicle. Be cautious; especially on fast lanes, and when there is reduced visibility. To do this, place a triangle 50m behind the car, on two-lane roads in each direction or a single triangle on each side otherwise.

What to do if your car breaks down on the road

6. How to seek health care

It is time to seek assistance; in case of any health issue, it is best to contact the emergency services by calling 112, providing them with the location and a description of the situation.

7. How to request roadside assistance

What to do if your car stops and you need assistance? If you are driving your own vehicle, find your insurance policy, roadside assistance is one of the services included in it. Your insurance company will probably have a 24-hour roadside assistance number.

If you have rented your car from Centauro Rent a Car, you will always be covered by our roadside assistance service, which you may use in case of breakdowns or any other incident. You can call us:

  • In Spain (+34) 966 365 365

  • In Portugal (+351) 308 810 816

  • In Italy (+39) 0694 806 800

  • In Greece (+30) 21 11991096

Follow these tips and, above all, remember to stay calm.

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