How to take care of your car to avoid breakdowns

We all want our travel companion to be with us for a long time. Today we tell you about the most common breakdowns and how to avoid them so that your car continues to share your adventures at the wheel.

The most common breakdowns in your car

Battery breakdowns are the most common in cars. In 2017, they were the main cause for roadside assistance, with more than 165,000 incidents, more than double of those related to tires, the second most common cause. Engine failures are next after battery and tires-related incidents, with 43,158 assistance events last year; pump or injectors-related incidents follow, with 28,654 interventions during the previous year. Other breakdowns may affect the brakes and lighting.

In many cases, these problems may be avoided with simple daily practices, take note of these tips and avoid breakdowns in your car.

How to avoid breakdowns in your car

How to drive in order to avoid breakdowns

We can apply good driving practices to avoid breakdowns in our cars, reducing the most common failures by up to 15%, thanks to good use of the vehicle and efficient driving. Some of the basic tips recommended by the Directorate General of Traffic, institutions and experts in the field are:

  • Avoid sudden braking and speeding

  • Keep your safety distance with the rest of vehicles

  • Turn off the engine when if you stop for a long period of time

  • Do not go downhill in neutral

  • Do not step on the gas more than necessary

  • Perform safe overtaking manoeuvres

These good habits will help you extend the life of your vehicle, save fuel and improve your safety on the road.

How to drive your car to avoid breakdowns

Care and inspections: Your car always ready

Another essential is an adequate periodic maintenance. You should bring your car to the workshop for an inspection at least once a year, in addition to periodic inspections for the roadworthiness test.

Our advice is to stay up to date with your inspection schedule in order to avoid or delay many of these common breakdowns.

  • Check oil levels

  • Check the brakes and lights.

  • Check the tires condition and pressure monthly

Before going on long trips, check that everything is in order before you take the road. With these tips on how to avoid breakdowns you will ensure positive results that your vehicle will appreciate in the medium and long term.

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