How to take advantage of the space in the boot of your car

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The boot always tends to end up full of things and, in many cases, we don´t even know how they ended up there! We offer you a few tips to avoid that chaos in the boot of your car, so you have room for all those really useful things.

  • Do an initial cleaning

First step of organization is to know what is in the boot Take out everything you have not used in recent months (except the essentials in case of emergency).

  •  Make sure you have everything you need

After a good clean get organizing! Don´t forget those essential things! All the car papers and the insurance, as well as the list of telephone numbers in case of emergency should be in the glove compartment, where they are to hand and all together.

In the boot, you should have an emergency kit with a first aid kit, some cables and clips for the battery, as well as the triangles and reflective vest in case you have to get out of the car on a road. If you find yourself in a place with very cold weather and snow it is also good to have snow chains. As an option, you can also carry tools, but only those that you know how to use. It is not worth occupying the boot with a professional toolbox if you will hardly use a screwdriver.

Cómo organizar el maletero de tu coche

  • Getting hold of a boot organizer

There are many types of organizers, from those designed to keep shopping bags organized during the trip from the supermarket to home, to some with several compartments of various sizes to leave toys, for example. You decide which is more practical for your lifestyle.

Although it is not essential,  if you make that small investment in a boot organizer it will keep you inclined to assign a place to everything and keep everything in order.

  • Leave the things you use most in one of the empty seats

A very useful trick for not accumulating useless things in the boot is to leave what you will need soon in the passenger seat (or any empty seat). For example, if you have to return something to a family member, do not put it in the boot, leave it in view so as not to forget it and leave it forgotten for weeks.

  • Fill the boot in order

When you leave for a trip and you have to fill the boot with your luggage, follow an order to take advantage of the space. First, put the larger suitcases and go filling the gaps with those less bulky packages.

  •  Do not leave anything in the upper tray

The tray above the trunk should never serve as a shelf where to accumulate things, it’s not even advised to leave a box of tissues. In addition to avoiding clutter, the primary reason is safety. Any object that is there, no matter how small and light it may be can fall and injure some occupant of the vehicle by its simple abrupt stop. They can also remove visibility to the driver when looking in the rearview mirror.

With all these tips, we have no choice but to wish you a good and orderly trip with Centauro Rent a Car!Cómo organizar el maletero de tu coche de alquiler

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