How to appeal a parking fine in Spain

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Have you ever had a parking ticket and you think it is unfair? Don’t worry, appealing this type of fine is quite simple. Take note of the following tips on how you can do appeal a parking ticket.

Once you know exactly what you are getting a fine for, it is important to know what deadline you have to submit your allegations. As a guidance, according to the traffic laws, the traffic of motor vehicles and road safety you usually have a period of 3 months if the offense is minor and 6 months if the offense is serious or very serious. Keep in mind that the days start to count from the day that the offense has been committed. To know the exact period in your case, we recommend that you check the actual fine as these can vary.

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The next step are the details. Once we have received the fine either in paper format or electronically, we must check that all the information on it regarding your data and that of your vehicle are correct. If this is not the case, then the fine is incomplete and will almost certainly be cancelled.

If the details of the fine are correct, another good argument is to request from the police authority actual evidence of the moment of the fine. Generally photographic evidence for proof. If these cannot be provided, then this is another good cause for the appeal.

Another important piece of advice is to check the state of the actual parking signs. If the signs are in poor condition or not perfectly legible, then they cannot be used to issue a fine. Take photos as proof and there is a high probability that the fine will be invalidated.

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Also, do not forget that in any administrative process covered by state law, you must use a correct legal wording. Write your allegations using the appropriate vocabulary, you can find many templates on the internet to help you with this to be able to appeal a parking fine.

Lastly, but just as important, if you are issued a parking ticket with a car rental made with a car hire company during the time you are hiring the car, not only are you responsible for the amount of the fine but you will also need to pay the car rental company a handling administration charge.

The official authority will send the fine to your home address, whether this is in Spain or another country.

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