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Offers on car hire on Cyber Monday

Discount Coupon Centauro Rent a Car Cyber Monday 2023

Are you thinking of enjoying a getaway before the end of the year? Take advantage of Cyber Monday to rent your car at the best price.

Our Cyber Monday lasts all week long! Did you disconnect over Black Friday? You can still log on to our Cyber Week and enjoy the best deals from Centauro, the most complete all-inclusive car rental on the market.

Check your coordinates, sync all your devices and grab information from cyberspace for exciting new routes because now, all your #roadtrips with pickup until the end of February have up to 35% off. Only if you book this week.

With Centauro you create a shortcut to all your future #Roadtrips.

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Cyber Monday offers for your getaway in a rental car

It has never been easier to make the most of our Cyber Monday offer for your next car hire. Stop putting off that road trip you've been planning for so long. It's now or never!

Cyber Monday takes place every year in late November or early December, the Monday following the Black Friday sales. This time of year is ideal for making a road trip at the best price, since you can take advantage of off-season.

If summer is a distant memory and you still have vacation days left to enjoy, don't let the year end without getting away. Don't stay home! Do you already have a clear idea of what your next destination will be? Use your discount for car hire on Cyber Monday and enjoy your next road trip.

Destinations and itineraries by car for your Cyber Monday getaway

This Cyber Monday you can buy any of one million things, or you can go on a road trip and enjoy a refreshing getaway before the end of the year. If you make it a priority to live new experiences, we suggest some car itineraries so that you can bring out your more adventurous side:

Do you need some inspiration for your next trip? In this post we suggest a car itinerary that you can enjoy with your car rental offer from Centauro Rent a Car on Cyber Monday.

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Car itinerary through Italy

Italy holds a thousand and one destinations for enjoying a road trip in your own distinct style. If you are passionate about art, we recommend you rent a car in Pisa and make a trip to Florence, where you will be able to go back in time and experience the essence of the Renaissance.

In Rome, scenarios made famous in film await you: you can feel like Anitta Ekberg in Dolci Vitta, Charlton Heston in Ben - Hur or Russell Crowe in Gladiator. It is an incomparable city where every nook and cranny harbors legends yet to be discovered.

Would you like to enjoy a getaway full of natural beauty? Rent your car in Milan or Bergamo and set out for the Dolomites. A dream route along snow-covered mountains and crystal-clear lakes for the most athletic among us.

Car itinerary through Spain

If you are planning your next road trip in Spain, there is a wealth of options. We suggest a road trip from Barcelona to the Piedra Monastery, passing through the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, so you can experience all of its natural splendor.

Are you already packing your suitcases for your rental car getaway in northern Spain? Take the wheel yourself and drive to discover charm of the Cantabrian beaches, even in December. Don't miss these cool, sea-scented natural landscapes in Asturias, Cantabria or the Basque Country. Barayo Beach, Cudillero, Santander, San Vicente de la Barquera and San Sebastián are waiting for you.

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Portugal or Greece? Road trip through Europe's most captivating landscapes

These two countries, so different from each other, both promise an unforgettable vacation. In Portugal, the south coast of the Portuguese Algarve awaits you, as well as Oporto with its picture-perfect sunsets, not to mention the coast of the Duero river or Lisbon, a cosmopolitan city that you will fall in love if you explore it.

Greece is a sure success: its white and blue villages on the shores of the Mediterranean are a dream come true. A car itinerary through Athens and Ancient Greece, visiting the Acropolis, Mycenae, Delphi and the Meteora is always an excellent choice.

It's up to you! Athens, the Meteora and Delphi, or Lagos, Tavira and Faro?

Enjoy Cyber Monday away from home

This Cyber Monday our recommendation for you is that you get away from home and experience new things. Take advantage of our Cyber Monday car hire offer to discover new destinations off the beaten path. See you on the road, #Roadlover!