Holidays in Torrevieja; things to do not to be missed!

Although it’s true that the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Torrevieja are the kilometres of beaches full of people in summer but this pretty town in the province of Alicante has many more attractions than its endless hours of sunshine to top up your tan.

Ideas for your holidays in Torrevieja

Enjoy snorkeling in Torrevieja

If your passion is the world beneath the sea and you have a love for the natural beauty and rich sea life then a great idea is to get some snorkelling equipment together; glasses, a tube, some shoes to walk on the rocks and a buoy to show your position and then you dive into the water! Torrevieja has a wide variety of coves that offer the perfect setting to practice this water activity and where you can reach depths of up to seven metres.

Some coves that we recommend are the Cala de la Zorra, Cala de la Higuera or the Cala de los Trabajos. All of them offer an area where you can park your car and have access no problem. We also recommend that you are accompanied by a professional with knowledge of the surrounding areas and marine life; the coast of Torrevieja is quite rocky and can be dangerous.

Enjoy snorkeling in Torrevieja

Sightseeing in Torrevieja

It is not well known, but the city of Torrevieja has an interesting historical centre with important architectural heritage that includes some religious buildings such as the Iglesia Arciprestal de la Inmaculada Concepción (Arcipreste Church of the Immaculate Conception), or the Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) known as ‘La Ermita’. This church was built in 2007 to replace the old one, but not all the locales are convinced, take a walk around it and judge for yourself!

If you want to enjoy an unforgettable sunset, then do not miss a visit to the ‘Mirador de Torre del Moro’ that is a funny shaped look out, and as is normally the case was a defensive watchtower of the Alicante coast.

Sightseeing in Torrevieja

Another area we recommend that you visit in Torrevieja are the ‘Eras de la Sal’ a very interesting place which represents the industrial architecture of the eighteenth century and where on the patios every year, in July, the ‘Certamen Internacional de Habaneras is held (popular style of dance).

If you are travelling with children, then take a stroll around the ‘Parque de las Naciones de Torrevieja’, a place that has a small lake and a wide variety of birds, some in the wild, like ducks, roosters or peacocks. There are others in captivity in a small zoo area. You can also enjoy a walk among the different varieties of trees and best of all you can find a wonderful children’s park area with a slide in the form of a dinosaur. The kids will surely love it and you can relax by enjoying a nice drink in the adjoining bar.

Parque de las naciones Torrevieja

The Nature surrounding Torrevieja

Another area not well known holidaymakers in Torrevieja is the fabulous Parque Natural de las Lagunas de la Mata. This natural site, of 3,700 hectares is one of the humid zones that makes up the well-known triangle of the South-western wetlands. It has the ideal environment for birds such as the eaglets or the colourful flamingos.

Within this natural park, you can find Las Salinas de Torrevieja, which offers some spectacular views to travellers. Due to the high salt density of its waters, it proliferates and creates a type of seaweed that turns the water a red colour; an amazing sight for the eyes! The enormous mountains formed by the extracted salt is another curious image and well worth some pictures with your camera. Do not forget that this is a protected nature reserve, so swimming is forbidden.

Salinas de Torrevieja car hire

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