Getaway by car to the carnival in Venice

Are you planning on a Carnival getaway? Here's a car itinerary through the world's oldest carnival, the Carnival of Venice .

Enjoying a getaway through the north of Italy to Venice during carnival season is a plan that we recommend that you carry through once in your life. Explore the main towns of northern Italy and wander through Venice’s maze of bustling streets . Visiting Venice in Carnival is a perfect road trip to enjoy with your friends. If you have decided to visit Venice at its merriest, make a note of our tips.

Car itinerary from Bergamo to Venice

The starting point of our new road trip through Italy is Bergamo, where you can rent your car and start on your way through the north of Italy. Bergamo is a city well worth visiting, so if you have some time we recommend that you stop and discover its charming medieval town in the città alta. From there, you can head straight to Venice, which is only a two-hour drive away, or take advantage of the trip to make stops in the main towns in northern Italy to find out if they deserve to be so well-known. We'll tell you beforehand... it certainly is!

Take advantage of your road trip to Venice and northern Italy to travel with the freedom that a rental car gives you, stopping at your leisure in small towns like Brescia, Verona and Padua. Don't forget to visit Lake Garda and take some time out to discover Sirmione, one of those picturesque little villages on the shores of the lake that will leave you amazed, among other things, at its Scaliger Castle, a magnificent medieval structure that juts out into the lake.

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On the way to Carnival in Venice

The origins of the Venice Carnival date back to the 13th century, which has earned it the reputation as the oldest in history. Its beginnings go back to the Italian nobility, and their intention to give the common people a brief taste of freedom to enjoy themselves as they pleased while making fun of the strict Catholic traditions for a few days. For a little while, the people would mix with the aristocrats without any distinction in class or power. Nobody knows how many stories Venice has to tell...

It was not until the 17th century that it began to become popular, and since then it has kept its Baroque character intact. Its well-known masks are still part of Venetian tradition, and they still allow you to remain your anonymous and give free rein to whatever your body yearns for. Do you know what you're going to dress up as yet?

Discover the uniqueness of Venice

Let's not fool ourselves, Venice at Carnival is full of people who want to experience something unique. That is why the city puts a limit on the number of visitors during the festivities, so we recommend that you get up early to arrive at the city as early as possible. This is also the best way to discover its charm without crowds of tourists. If you are staying in the city, head for St. Mark's Square where you can enjoy the carnival spirit. If you want to go by bus, cross the Calatrava Bridge towards the train station until you reach the Square.

Prepare your five senses to take in a pageant of color in all of the city’s many alcoves... In St. Mark's Square you can take in the continuous parade of people in exuberant costumes. In districts such as Dorsoduro or Castello you will find the most economical options to indulge in Carnival just like any Venetian. Between six and seven o'clock in the evening you will only be charged for the drinks, and you can enjoy a buffet of free snacks. Seize the opportunity to sample exquisite Italian cuisine and don’t shy away from trying dishes such as risotto de vongole (spiced rice with clams and white wine) or bigoli in sauce (a pasta with sardines). If you like sweets, then you won’t want to miss the castagnole and frittelle .

Man in a gondola near the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy

Where to park in Venice 

As you surely know, one of Venice’s attractions is that it is surrounded on all sides by water. If you are wondering where to park your car in Venice, we recommend you leave it in Mestre, on the mainland. Right next to the train station you have a fairly large car park for the Venice Carnival , and two more at Corso del Popolo 55 and 211. You can reach Venice by train, which will take you to Santa Lucia station near the Grand Canal, like the bus that takes you to Piazzale Roma.

You have no excuses left to put off your car itinerary to Carnival in Venice. Rent your car in Bergamo and strike out for Venice at its most exuberant.

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