Getaway in the Cadiz Carnival

Enjoying a driving trip to the Cadiz Carnival is one of the funniest plans to hang with your friends in March. If you go to Cadiz these days, laughter, delicious food, good weather and Andalusian grace will be your travel companions. Do not think twice and enjoy your trip to Cadiz for Carnival.

Come and see the Cadiz Carnival

The Cadiz Carnival is one of the best-known carnival festivals worldwide, recognized as a Festival of International Tourist Interest, the city gets swept up in art for 10 days full of shows, dances and songs in which more than 300 costumed groups compete in the Gran Teatro Falla to show which is the most ingenious with their chirigota ensembles and their social criticism, full of humor and satire.

Driving route through the Cadiz Carnival

Where does the Cadiz Carnival come from?

The Cadiz Carnival is the celebration of joy and debauchery, when the Church allowed people to unleash their passions before Lent. It is no coincidence that it resembles the Italian Carnival in which cities such as Venice are besieged by costume wearing people and streets get filled up with confetti; Cádiz received a great influence from the Genoese merchants who frequented the city in the 15th century.

Ready to discover the tradition? If you visit Cadiz during Carnival, you cannot miss the Grand Final celebration held on the first Friday of Carnival. The streets are filled with color and joy and the groups that took part in the contest march through the streets of the city’s historic center with their chirigota ensembles.

Dress up in costume, alone or with someone else, and come enjoy this multicolored carnival to the fullest, mix with the crowd and take to the streets to experience first hand the Grand Parade and the Humor Parade. We also recommend you visit the Plaza de las Flores to experience Cadiz’s "illegal charangas" competing in ingenuity with official groups.

Discover Cadiz during Carnival

The capital of Cadiz is well connected by road, it is only 1 hour driving from Sevilla or Malaga, where you can rent a car to experience the Cadiz Carnival firsthand. During the Carnival week, except on Carnival Monday, the festival is celebrated at night, so you can go and see other cities such as Jerez or El Puerto de Santa María, go on a driving route through the White villages of Cadiz or even visit some of Spain’s best beaches.

Back to Cadiz, you will only need to put on comfortable shoes, warm clothes and get ready to listen to the out-of-competition street songs- the “romanceros”, “cuartetos”, “coros” and “comparsas”. You should not miss these two places:

  • The neighborhood of La Viña on the beautiful beach of La Caleta: It is the heart of the carnival, hear the voice of the everlasting sung journalism by walking through its streets.

  • The Populo neighborhood: Here you can experience the naughtiest carnival on Ash Wednesday with a gathering of “callejeras” and “romanceros” nonstop laughter guaranteed!

Escapada en coche a carnavales de Cádiz

Anywhere in the historic center you can find yourself watching a surprising group show; take the opportunity to taste the exquisite gastronomy of Cadiz, eat at a fried fish joint in the center or go to Plocia street, next to the town hall, to eat at one of its restaurants. Carry your smile on the lips and enjoy the Cadiz banter .

Get your friends to come with you on an unforgettable trip to the heart of Cadiz , a city that welcomes anyone to enjoy its most beloved festival: The incomparable Cadiz Carnival.

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