2016 - Rent a car in figures

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2016 has been a positive year for the Rent a Car sector. According to data from the National Business Federation of Rental Vehicles with and without drivers (Feneval), the Rent a Car Sector will have registered a 4% of growth by the end of 2016. This figure reveals that we are increasingly relying on rental cars for our journeys. This result is not a surprise as renting a car is the most comfortable and simple option when travelling.

In the following info graph we offer you a review of the data in the Rent a Car sector during the current year, 2016. Although the data has been drawn from Centauro, we consider this information to be easily comparable to the whole Car Rental Sector in Spain, due to the important representation of our company within the sector.

In 2016 the customer profile of the majority of drivers who used our rental car service has been male between 35 and 54 years. In fact, 56% of our clients were men.

In terms of provenance, the top 5 nationalities of customers who rented the majority of cars during 2016 was United Kingdom, with a 23% of rentals. Closely followed by Spain, with a total of 20% of rentals. Sweden, Belgium and Norway.  

If we focus on Spain, Barcelona was the city with most rent a cars during 2016, followed by Valencia, Madrid and Palma.

The offices with most rental car pick-ups were Alicante Airport, Majorca Airport Palma , Malaga Airport, Barcelona Airport and Ibiza Airport. It is no coincidence that the airport branches are the busiest, since the rental of vehicles is a high demand service with air travellers, either because they do not have their own vehicles or because of the remote location of the airports.

Inphographic Rent a Car in Figures Spain 2016

In relation to the type of vehicle most requested in 2016 there was an increased demand for the rental of large and automatic cars.

If we add all the kilometres driven by our fleet during 2016, you could travel round the world six times. Our customers have travelled more than 200 million kilometres with our rental cars. These encouraging stats lead us to anticipate that demand  for Rent a Car services will continue increasing in 2017.

At present, we offer our customers a fleet made up of more than 16,000 vehicles, both for leisure as well as for business use. To satisfy all kinds of requests we have a fleet composed of small cars, minibuses, family cars, automatic and convertible vehicles and all with great value for money.

Trust in our brand has also grown, the amount of cars rented by Centauro Rent a Car has increased by 25%. This increase makes us feel proud and motivates us to continue working every day to improve our service to our customers.


2016 -Rent a Car in Figures

Centauro Rent a Car