The best Hiking trails in Alicante

Alicante is a province famous around the world for its beautiful coastlines and spectacular beaches. However, if we travel inwards, awaiting us are diverse landscapes that are a true delight for those who prefer to enjoy what the mountains have to offer. Do you want to discover this region in a different light? Join us on our journey of the best hiking trails in Alicante.

The Peñon de Ifach trail

If there is an icon that identifies the province of Alicante, that is the natural park of the ‘Peñon de Ifach’ (Rock of Ifach) in Calpe. The great location has made the ‘Peñon’ very popular with tourists and is a great place to see the spectacular views of the whole coast of Alicante. The emblematic rock rises like a lookout on the same coast of the Marina Alta and falls abruptly in to sea.

This simple trail that is perfectly prepared for hikes will take us to the Peñon, and is home to numerous rare examples of local plant life and different species of animals. You will also be able to see the Pobla D’Ifach ruins that date back to medieval times. The first part of the route is through a forest track that is not difficult. Once we reach the tunnel, the path to the top is complicated, so it is advisable to have adequate footwear.

Car route hiking trails Calpe, Alicante

The cave of ‘Jaume the Barbut & the Crevillente mountain range

The mountainous conditions of Crevillente with slopes that are not very steep and the existence of numerous valleys make it a perfect place for those who love to hike.

Precisely, our next hiking route in Alicante has this beautiful mountain range; seven kilometres of trail, that does not require any physical preparation as most of the route is downhill. Therefore, this route has a low difficulty rating.

The route starts in Hondon de los Frailes had has various look out posts to see the villages of Crevillente or Guardamar. An interesting trail that takes us to the famous cave of ‘Jaume the Barbut’ who was a well-known bandit from Crevillente who spent most of his life in this cave whilst taking refuge in the forest.

Car route hiking trails Crevillente, alicante

Route along the Guadalest reservoir

A beautiful area. The valley of Gudalest is one of those natural oasis than can be found in our country. Embraced by the mountain ranges of Aitana, Serrella, Ponoig and Aixortá, the beautiful village of Guadalest and its reservoir of turquoise waters that seem to be taken from a children’s story that is full of colour and life.

The excursion to the reservoir is one of the most pleasant hiking trails in Alicante, and as it is easy. This trail is perfect for those who have never hiked before. The path has abundant vegetation that comes to life in spring. A circular route of nine and a half kilometres will take you about three hours and will give you some lifetime memories. Its difficulty is low.

Car route Best Hiking Trails,Guadalest, Alicante

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