Mycological road trip through Spain

In this season of the year mushrooms are the main ingredients in many exquisite dishes. It is in autumn when many adventurous souls go in search of the tastiest mushrooms. What about you? Would you like to take a mushroom-hunting road trip through Spain?

Tips for picking mushrooms

You should prepare carefully before setting off on your mycological car itinerary through Spain: dress warmly and, if possible, wear a raincoat. Take a basic first-aid kit along in your car, since it can come in handy if you slip or run into nettles or brambles. And, obviously, don't forget a basket for the mushrooms that you gather. Besides all this, you should activate your GPS while driving and take your fully charged cell phone to avoid being left without means of communication.

When taking a mycological road trip you must also be careful about which mushrooms to pick; there is always some chance of making a mistake, even if you are a real expert. Keep in mind that it is alwaysbetter not to pick mushrooms if you are not completely sure that they are edible.

beautiful mountains in Guadarrama, Madrid

Common types of mushrooms

  1. Cantharellus cibarius or golden chanterelle: this is an unusual mushroom, which is set apart by its yellow color and fruity scent.

  2. Boletus edulis or boletus: one of the most common types of mushrooms, characterized by a particular flavor and a cinnamon-colored cap.

  3. Lactarius deliciosus or saffron milk cap: undoubtedly one of the most sought-after for its magnificent flavor.

  4. Pleurotus eryngii or king trumpet mushroom: this one grows especially in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, and it is very popular for cooking.

Mycological car itinerary less than two hours from Madrid

Don't miss the fabulous mycological destinations in the vicinity our capital.

  • Mycological itinerary through Sierra de Guadarrama : on your mushroom-hunting excursion, you should definitely make a stop at Sierra de Guadarrama. There you will find king trumpet mushrooms, saffron milk mushrooms and different varieties of boletus. A good place to start your trip, for example, would be at the town of Cercedilla.

  • Mycological car itinerary at the Canencia Mountain Pass: in the Lozoya Valley you can find edible specimens of trooping funnel mushrooms, king trumpet mushrooms and saffron milk cap mushrooms. It is a very popular place, precisely because of the number of specimens that spring up each season.

  • Mycological itinerary through Navahonda : many toadstools and mushrooms grow at this natural site situated on Monte de la Almenara. You will find many large-scale specimens of king trumpet mushrooms, wood blewits and portobello mushrooms.

Basket full of mushrooms in forest

Mycological car itinerary less than two hours from Barcelona

Are you ready to go mushroom hunting in a rental car in the vicinity of Barcelona? Let’s go!

  • Car itinerary through the Natural Park of Montseny: Catalonia has a deeply rooted mycological tradition, and the Montseny Park is a clear example of this. For a long time people have come to this place to pick grey knight mushrooms, chanterelles and saffron milk mushrooms. 

  • Car itineraries in the Natural Park of Collserola: only thirty minutes in car from Barcelona, this park is home to delicious species such as the golden chanterelles, saffron milk mushrooms, horn of plenty and “ceps” (Catalan for boletus), among others.

  • Berguedà by car: the trip by car from Barcelona to Berguedà takes an hour and a half. And it will be well worth it, because in this region you will find “ceps,” fairy ring mushrooms and “llangueras.” Don’t forget to visit points such as Castellar de N'Hug, l'Espunyola and La Pobla de Lillet, which are right on your way.

  • Car trip to Camprodon: In the Camprodon Valley and in theNatural Park Cabeceras del Ter, in Ripollès, if you search at the foot of the poplars and in the pine groves, you will find species such as “rossinyols,” (Catalan for golden chanterelles,) “ceps,” grey almond waxy caps and “rovellons” (Catalan for saffron milk cap).

These are some of the best sites you can visit on your mushroom-hunting trip through Spain. If you do not have your own vehicle, remember that you can always rent it at Centauro's office at Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport or the Centaur branch at the Barcelona Airport

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