Car route through the Alps: Tyrolean specialties and Christmas chocolates

If you love driving, prepare yourself because there are curves ahead, and make a note to enjoy this car itinerary through the Alps. Mountains, chocolate, Tyrolean traditions and lots and lots of snow are waiting for you. Discover all this and much more on this itinerary that will take you through majestic landscapes. Ready to get behind the wheel?

Tips for preparing your car itinerary through the Alps this Christmas

We recommend you prepare yourself for this Christmas getaway to the Alps. Christmas in the Swiss Alps means cold and snow: don't forget the chains for your car, blankets to keep you warm at the chilliest moments and snow tires prepared for winter driving. Also, set your GPS to the route shown below.

To be sure, the alpine landscapes at this time of year are a dream come true. You'll expect to find Santa Claus himself around every turn! The country's roads are very well maintained, and they will entice you to depart from the itinerary to discover some of Switzerland’s charming snowy villages. Oh, and don't forget to bring a good camera: there will be landscapes to immortalize and moments to remember. Let’s start off to enjoy Christmas in an idyllic setting!

swiss mountain view at sunset

The best Christmas car itinerary through the Alps

A Christmas road trip through the Alps is ideal for enjoying good driving and Swiss hospitality. Pick up your car at our office at Milan Bergamo and enjoy this road trip to Geneva. Proceed at your own pace to discover charming villages full of Christmas magic in a breathtaking snowy landscape.

Day 1: Matterhorn Glacier

The first day of the itinerary holds for you one of the most breathtaking views of the whole canton of Valais and maybe of the world. The Matterhorn or Cervino glacier is simply spectacular. Its pyramid shape is magical, and you can see it from the town of Zermatt: this fabulous enclave of fairytale wooden houses is an ideal option for enjoying the traditional roasted turkey for Christmas Eve dinner.

View of Matterhorn in Zermatt, Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Day 2: Sunnegga

Sunnegga is an invitation to adventure. This village is located right in the mountains, next to the Cervino. In this area you will find some traditional hamlets, groupings of Swiss cabins, such as Findeln, located more than 2,000 meters above sea level. Take the opportunity to sample a fine selection Swiss cuisine, whether it is a hearty plate of potatoes with sausages or the latest at the restaurant Chez Vrony. Sunnegga is undoubtedly the ideal place to enjoy Switzerland to the full. Don't forget your warm clothes, you'll need them.

Día 3: Gruyères area

Continuing our rental car itinerary to Geneva, you can take a detour to the area ofGruyères, where you can sample and buy the famous cheese with holes that is produced in the villages of the region. Visit Sion, one of the oldest villages in the country, where you will surely see a couple local people dressed in traditional Tyrolean garb, and maybe evenSamichlaus and Schmutzli, the Swiss Santa Claus and his assistant. It'll be quite an experience!

Aerial view of the Valere Basilica in Sion

Day 4: Lausanne

We continue on our car itinerary to the coast of Lake Geneva where we recommend you make a stop and explore Lausanne, a medieval city perfect for enjoying Christmas. Park your car and immerse yourself in its Christmas market, where 30 cabins are waiting for you with typical products, such as hot spiced wine. In addition, the Market of the Creators and Artisans of Pénipetis worth exploring due to their handmade products. It won’t be easy to leave this town behind and go on to Geneva!

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Christmas, and enjoy a drive through the Alps! Rent your car at Milan Bergamo, put on your additional cladding for travelling to Switzerland and set off on a Christmas adventure where you will enjoy breathtaking scenery, Tyrolean traditions and a cuisine that is sure to win you over. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy a different and unique Christmas!

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