7 unique places in Alicante

Today we feel like visiting Alicante to show you seven unique places this amazing coastal city has to offer. An interesting route by car to enjoy your holidays in Alicante.

Montgó Natural Park

Located in the north of the province of Alicante, the “Natural Park of the Montgó” is known for its wide diversity of flora with over 600 different species registered.

One of the most attractive excursions –and one we highly recommend- is to the top of the limestone massif, standing 753 meters high. The views from the top are amazing, and on a clear day you can clearly see the beautiful island of Ibiza.

The Island of Tabarca

Another wonderful place to discover in Alicante is the beautiful island of Tabarca, located in front of the coast of Santa Pola and which once attracted Barbary pirates. Today it is a natural paradise with crystal clear waters, beautiful streets to wander through and delightful restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine.

car hire tabarca island

The caves of Canelobre

Located in the town of Busot, the Caves of Canelobre are open to the public most of the year and are one of the main tourist attractions in Alicante.

This magnificent karst cavity is a clear example of the amazing natural engineering of water, which, over 145 million years, has managed to sculpt the rock into many different and incredible shapes located in more than 80.000sqm area of caves.

The Fuentes of Algar

A place to not be missed in Alicante are “Fuentes del Algar”. This natural oasis can be enjoyed by the whole family and was declared as a protected Humid Zone since 2002.

The visit takes us on an impressive 1.5 mile journey along the Algar river, with several waterfalls and natural reservoirs of extraordinary beauty along the way.

car hire alicante fuentes of algar

Cala de Moraig

Cala de Moraig it considered as one of the most beautiful places of the Costa Blanca. This small cove of gravel and transparent waters is the ideal location if you want to enjoy the blue seas of the Mediterranean in a more intimate and relaxed way.

In addition, very close to Cala de Moraig, you can visit the cavity of the Riu Blanc, one of the largest underwater galleries in Europe.

The Castle of Guadalest

In this list of seven unique places in the province of Alicante, we could miss mentioning the “Castillo de Guadalest”, an 11th-century fortress whose walls are home to the entire town. Without a doubt, this getaway will make you travel back in time with your whole family.

Cape of the Nao

Cabo de la Nao is part of a route of viewpoints on the coast of Javea with fabulous views of the Mediterranean and accessible by car. As a point of interest, just below the impressive cliff there is a tiny cavity called Cova dels Orguens that is also accessible by small boats.

route by car cap of the nao alicante

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