Celebrate Saint Patrick in Spain

Prepare your next Saint Patrick driving getaway in Spain, one of the best times of the year to go on a road trip with your friends. Be a free spirit and get ready to enjoy the experience.

The tradition of Saint Patrick

It is celebrated on March 17 in honor of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The legend says he was a Briton who was sold as a slave by pirates in Ireland. After getting away he was ordained a priest in England, later he returned to Ireland to convert the Celts to Christianity. How did he do it? Explaining the Trinity with a clover; since the plant already had a sacred nature due to its three leaves (3 was a mystical number for the Celts), he became an Irish symbol.

To this day it is a tradition to wear green on this date, drink lots of green beer, eat shepherd's pie and vegetables which are, of course, green. If you do not do it, maybe you’ll get a pinch from a Leprechaun. Anyway, if you see one, follow him! his short but quick steps will guide you to the big pot of gold that they hide at the end of the rainbow.

Where to celebrate Saint Patrick in Spain

Curiosities of Saint Patrick in different parts of the world 

Saint Patrick has become an international festival when everybody dresses up in green. In Ottawa, Canada, each year a megafestival is held with numerous activities: dancing, gastronomy contests, typical music and lots of beer. In Cairo , Paris and New York, their most famous buildings, such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building are turned green. In Paris, the pubs go overboard with the festival and even Disneyland prepares activities and special decoration to celebrate this day.

This is a day for costumes, clovers (one of the most important Irish symbols) and Guinness beer, the most representative drink , whose world consumption increases from 2.3 million liters to more than 6 million. Here are some traditional dishes to eat like an Irishman wherever you are: cabbage, potatoes with shallots, stew of Irish meat and also scones, which are some delicious buns.

Where to enjoy Saint Patrick in Spain

Spain is the perfect place to celebrate Saint Patrick, as there are many cities that have embraced this emblematic holiday. Pay a visit to the best bars in Spain listed here to celebrate Saint Patrick; but remember, don’t drink and drive!:

Madrid, the best pubs

In Madrid we recommend celebrating Saint Patrick at The Irish Rover, one of the most famous pubs in the city. The decor is reminiscent of an old Irish street, they organize live concerts. On the other hand, Molly Malone's is the first Guinness Official Irish Pub in Madrid where you can enjoy a good beer and local cuisine. At the James Joyce Irish Pub they give away typical hats, have giant screens and play Irish music live. If you want to celebrate San Patrick as a family you can attend the Saint Patrick's Day Family Fun Day at the Puerta de Hierro Sports Park.

driving route Saint Patrick Spain

Barcelona, best places to celebrate Saint Patrick

Celebrate Saint Patrick in Barcelona at Michael Collins, a well-known pub near the Sagrada Familia. Their decoration is very well elaborated and in Saint Patrick they organize a party in style. Dunne's, on the other hand, is an Irish pub in the Gothic Quarter, the perfect spot to taste the best Irish dishes. We also encourage you to visit the Centre Artesà Traidicionàrius, where many workshops and various special activities are held these days.

Sevilla, tour of the Iris pubs 

For a Saint Patrick tour in Sevilla we suggest going to the O'Neill's Irish Pub, one of the best known in the city, with Irish decoration and a selection of tapas: 'A taste of Ireland'. Merchant, in Canalejas street, the heart of downtown, where in addition to beer, they serve typical Irish food, or Phoenix, a pub that combines the tradition of Ireland, Spain and New Zealand. The bar is filled with color and laughter in this festival.

In short, a Saint Patrick getaway is a perfect plan to enjoy with your friends a unique holiday and an unforgettable experience. Rent your car for Saint Patrick and celebrate this day as an authentic Irishman with your friends.

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